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Exhibitor Information

Plan to exhibit a livestock animal at the 2018 State Fair of Texas? The sections below contain useful information about showing your exhibit at the State Fair. Be sure to bookmark this page and visit it often as updates are made regularly.

2018 Schedule

Exhibitor Handbook – Presented by Purple Circle
The livestock Exhibitor Handbook includes all contest and show rules for the 2018 State Fair.

2018 Exhibitor Handbook

Entry Application and Worksheets
Check back soon for information on applying online and access to livestock worksheets.

Apply Online and Download Worksheets

Directions and Unloading

Exhibiting livestock at the State Fair? Use the following maps and unloading directions to make the drop-off process easy.

Unloading Process

All Animals and Trailers

  • Exit 49B (Dolphin Rd.) off I-30
  • Enter Gate 15 the entire 24-day run of the State Fair

Livestock Exhibitor Parking

  • Livestock exhibitor parking lot located on Bank Street (access from Haskell Ave.).
  • Vehicle passes valid for vehicle only.
  • Admission pass required for each person.

Unloading Map

Texas State Validation Information

Have questions about the animal validation process like: Does every animal need validation?  Can multiple animals be validated?  What if a validation deadline is missed? These questions and more are answered in our Texas State Validation Information video.

Watch Video

Other Youth Agricultural Competitions

Public Speaking Contest

2017 Finalists

Job Interview Contest

2017 Finalists

Skillathon Study Guides and Resources



TAMU Animal Science
National Pork Board/Pork Checkoff
Texas Prok Producers Association
PQA+ Handbook
Swine Resource Handbook for Marketing and Breeding


  • Youth Market Shows
  • Youth Heifers
  • Youth Breeding Shows
  • Pan American Cattle
  • Other Pan American Shows
Youth Market SteersDan HogeCambridge, IL
Youth Prospect SteersNick FitzsimmonsPerry, OK
Youth Market BarrowsBrian ArnoldOtterbein, IN
Youth Market LambsBrian ReillyShullsburg, WI
Youth Market GoatsBrandon MorganBlanchard, OK
Youth Market BroilersKeith ScottFloresville, TX
AngusScott WerningEmery, SD
ARBBrady RaglandCibolo, TX
BeefmasterBrady RaglandCibolo, TX
BrangusBrady RaglandCibolo, TX
BrahmanQuest NewberryCollege Station, TX
CharolaisScott WerningEmery, SD
ChianinaScott WerningEmery, SD
HerefordScott WerningEmery, SD
Maine AnjouScott WerningEmery, SD
LimousinScott WerningEmery, SD
ORBScott WerningEmery, SD
Polled HerefordScott WerningEmery, SD
Red AngusScott WerningEmery, SD
Junior Red Angus - Bred & Owned/ShowmanshipChance FarmerEnnis, TX
Red BrangusBrady RaglandCibolo, TX
Santa GertrudisBrady RaglandCibolo, TX
ShorthornScott WerningEmery, SD
SimbrahBrady RaglandCibolo, TX
SimmentalBrady RaglandCibolo, TX
Dairy CattleBrian SchillingBoggstown, IN
Purebred Breeding GiltsClint HalfmanVancourt, TX
Breeding SheepVince McGoldenFairview, OK
AngorasTodd SwiftJohnson City, TX
Colored AngorasTodd SwiftJohnson City, TX
Boer GoatsTodd SwiftJohnson City, TX
Dairy GoatsMelinda ButlerGainsville, TX
Breeding RabbitsAshley GarzaCopley, OH
Breeding RabbitsJennifer MilburnMadera, CA
AngusKyle ConleySulphur, OK
BeefmasterWes HudsonHarrison, AR
BrangusVictor GuerraLinn, TX
BrahmanJudd CullersHungerford, TX
HerefordChance FarmerEnnis, TX
LonghornMarcus ArnoldWinterset, IA
TLBT Longhorn
Miniature HerefordChance FarmerEnnis, TX
Pre-Junior Miniature HerefordKyle ConleySulphur, OK
Miniature ZebuWillie WeisStacyville, IA
Polled HerefordChance FarmerEnnis, TX
Red AngusKyle ConleySulphur, OK
Red BrangusVictor GuerraLinn, TX
Santa GertrudisVictor GuerraLinn, TX
ShorthornKyle ConleySulphur, OK
SimbrahWes HudsonHarrison, AR
SimmentalWes HudsonHarrison, AR
Dairy CattleBrian SchillingBoggstown, IN
Purebred Breeding GiltsRandell Von KrosigkSioux Falls, SD
Crossbred GiltsClint HalfmannVancourt, TX
Breeding Sheep
Wether Dams
Angora Goats
Colored Angora Goats
Boer Goats
Wether DoesTodd SwiftJohnson City, TX
Dairy Goats
Pygmy Goats
Southwest Classic Pygmy GoatsTammi JosephsonCottonwood, CA
LlamasTricia SchneebergerLansing, MI
Breeding RabbitsJeff HardinSpencer, NC
PoultryJim SalleePine Grove, CA
PoultryMonty FitzgeraldBridgeport, TX


Results from State Fair livestock shows, contests, and Youth Livestock Auction will be posted as soon as they become available.


Weight Breaks

2017 Weight Breaks

Contact Information

Contact the State Fair Livestock Department at 214-421-8723.