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Plan to compete at the State Fair of Texas? The sections below contain useful information about competitions at the State Fair.


Exhibitor Handbook
The livestock Exhibitor Handbook includes all contest and show rules for the 2020 State Fair.


Entry Application and Worksheets
Information on applying online and access to livestock worksheets will be updated as it becomes available at the link below.

Apply Online and Download Worksheets

Entry Portal How-To Videos

CEA/AST (Teachers & Agents)
Open Exhibitors

Directions and Unloading

Exhibiting livestock at the State Fair? Use the following map and unloading directions to make the drop-off process easy.

Unloading Map

Host Hotel Information

The Sheraton Downtown is serving as the official host hotel for all State Fair of Texas livestock exhibitors. For exclusive rate specials, directions and more information, click on the link below.

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Other Youth Agricultural Competitions

Public Speaking Contest

Scantron Scorecard


Job Interview Contest


Science Fair Contest

Manuscript Scoresheet

Interview Scoresheet

AgRobotics Challenge

Game Design, Objective & Rules
Teen Facilitator
Game Mat
Bee Cards

Archery Contest

Archery Heat 1
Archery Heat 2

Skillathon Study Guides and Resources



TAMU Animal Science
National Pork Board/Pork Checkoff
Texas Pork Producers Association
PQA+ Handbook
Swine Resource Handbook for Marketing and Breeding


  • Youth Market Shows
  • Youth Heifers
  • Youth Breeding Shows
  • Pan American Cattle
  • Other Pan American Shows
Youth Market SteersJirl BuckMadill, OK
Youth Prospect SteersSpencer ScottenNevada, MO
Youth Market BarrowsChad DayAtlanta, IN
Youth Market LambsJimmy DavisWalters, OK
Youth Market GoatsBarrett CarlisleSt. Leavenworth, KS
Youth Market BroilersMicah OsburnSomerville, TX
AngusShane WerkManhattan, KS
ARBKeaton DoddCollege Station, TX
BeefmasterKeaton DoddCollege Station, TX
BrangusKeaton DoddCollege Station, TX
BrahmanBrant PoeStephenville, TX
CharolaisShane WerkManhattan, KS
ChianinaShane WerkManhattan, KS
HerefordShane WerkManhattan, KS
Maine AnjouShane WerkManhattan, KS
LimousinShane WerkManhattan, KS
ORBShane WerkManhattan, KS
Polled HerefordShane WerkManhattan, KS
Red AngusShane WerkManhattan, KS
Red BrangusKeaton DoddCollege Station, TX
Santa GertrudisKeaton DoddCollege Station, TX
ShorthornShane WerkManhattan, KS
Showmanship, Oct. 9Emily June KellyHereford, TX
Showmanship, Oct. 18Jennifer Ann ScastaIola, TX
SimbrahKeaton DoddCollege Station, TX
SimmentalKeaton DoddIsabella, OKCollege Station, TX
Dairy CattleHerby LutzChester, SC
Purebred Breeding GiltsIan SchaeferSlatoh, TX
Breeding SheepBart CardwellLamont, OK
Angoras/Colored AngorasLane HalfmannGarden City, TX
Boer GoatsLane HalfmannGarden City, TX
Dairy GoatsJeff KleinCrowley, TX
Breeding RabbitsJeff HardinSpencer, NC
Breeding RabbitsTodd NaragonHuntington, IN
AngusColby CollinsFrederick, OK
BeefmasterGarrett ParsonsBasehor, KS
BrangusKolten ThigpenSweetwater, TX
BrahmanErnie DominguezAustin, TX
LonghornWillie WeisMcIntire, Iowa
Longhorn, TLBTAaron CooperSan Angelo, TX
Miniature Hereford
Pre-Junior Miniature HerefordColby CollinsFrederick, OK
Miniature ZebuBarrett SimonBenton, KS
Polled Hereford
Red AngusColby CollinsFrederick, OK
Red BrangusKolten ThigpenSweetwater, TX
Santa GertrudisKolten ThigpenSweetwater, TX
ShorthornColby CollinsFrederick, OK
SimbrahGarrett ParsonsBasehor, KS
SimmentalGarrett ParsonsBasehor, KS
Dairy CattleHerby LutzChester, SC
Purebred Breeding GiltsBrice ConoverBaxter, IA
Crossbred GiltsIan SchaeferSlaton, TX
Breeding SheepTerry MillicanSeminole, TX
Wether DamsTerry MillicanSeminole, TX
Angora Goats/Colored AngorasEddie HollandBluffton, TX
Boer GoatsEddie HollandBluffton, TX
Wether DoesLane HalfmannGarden City, TX
Dairy GoatsJoseph LarsonWindsor, CO
Pygmy Goats
Southwest Classic Pygmy Goats
LlamasMary Jo MillerBardstown, KY
Breeding Rabbits
PoultryBrian GatesMissouri
PoultryTroy JonesFort Worth, TX


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