The 2024 State Fair of Texas’ commemorative theme art invites you to enjoy “24 Days of Fun”!


For more than 138, the State Fair of Texas has been the home of all things Texan and our guests play the biggest part in creating this unique atmosphere every year. Every corny dog fried, every light bulb switched on in the Midway, and every Main Stage sound check leads to one end goal: creating twenty-four days of incredible memories for all the guests who come to celebrate with us. It’s our hope that those memories bring guests back each year, thus creating traditions that are unique different but equally magical to each of us.


What traditions created at the Fair are your favorite? We asked fairgoers that very question and many of them shared some of the same insights. Taking a yearly photo with Big Tex, sharing new fair food, or taking a swan boat ride on the lagoon – we heard it all and it inspired us to create a list of 24 fair traditions that best represented all those incredible stories. Why 24 fair traditions? One for every day of the fair!


Working together with The Matchbox Studios, a design agency in Dallas, we set out to visualize that list of 24 fair traditions in a fun and engaging way. Finding a way to combine them into one image proved challenging but we took a page from Big Tex’s book, rolled up our sleeve, and got creative. Here a few draft ideas that didn’t make it to the final artwork but still embodied the spirit of the Fair.


The unforgettable memories we make at the fair stay with us, long after we leave the lights of Fair behind. In this way, we all take home a “haul of experiences” with us. Each year when Big Tex leaves his hospitality post at the end of the Fair, we like to think he takes a “haul of memories” with him too. And how would he transport them? In the back of his pickup truck of course!


Colorful representations of some those popular Fair traditions our guests recalled, slowly came to life in a series of images that everyone could relate to. From pigs to blue ribbons to marionettes, Big Tex’s truck eventually filled up and amusingly overflowed with elements from our list of 24 Fair traditions. Of course, we couldn’t leave out the big guy himself. He happily posed for the artwork.

The 2024 Commemorative Art

For 2024, it’s our hope that you’ll join us in taking the opportunity to spend 24 days creating new memories and traditions at the Most Texan Place on Earth. Thats 24 days of food, ride, games, shows, music, and so much more. Or simply put, the Fair is “24 Days of Fun.”

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