The 2022 State Fair of Texas’ commemorative theme art is “Treats of Texas”!

Theme Inspiration: Fair Food

There is no doubt about it – the State Fair of Texas is known for its delicious food experiences. While all the outlandish fried foods available at the Fair gave us the nickname of “Fried Food Capital of Texas”, the more traditional fair food items remain a staple of our cuisine offering. Fan favorites like turkey legs, funnel cakes, and roasted corn can always be seen in people’s hands, usually accompanied with big smiles. So, for our 2022 theme, we choose a few of these tried-and-true foods to highlight and represent the wide range of culinary adventures available at the Fair.

Translating Fair Food Fun

Everything about our Fair food – from the way it tastes to the concessionaires who make them – elicit joy and a sense of Texan pride. In order to translate that joy to a theme design that celebrates fun food experience, we decided to use the playful nature of stickers and sticker placement. It all began with this simple design idea consisting of a group of food stickers, centered around our iconic cowboy himself, Big Tex.

Then Came the Fun Part...

After choosing a selection of fan favorite foods, the fun part of creating the food stickers began. With the help of our creative agency The Matchbox Studio and illustrator Silvia Skinner, we gave each food item a life and personality all their own. Just like the dancing concessions from drive-in movies advertising the lobby, we wanted to personify these classic Fair foods in a fun way. Here are early sketches of some of those foods.

Cooking to Perfection

Each food illustration was meticulously designed and refined in order to produce a finished sticker that was both fun and memorable. We took some creative liberties and had some fun playing off names of food items, like the Walking Taco.

It wasn’t only about food either – various other elements like phrases and icons were also created to assist in filling out the sticker placement. Of course, Big Tex and the theme title “Treats of Texas” also went through several rounds of tweaks to get the perfect result.

Stickers Everywhere

Finally, when all the sticker elements were completed, the last step in the commemorative art process was upon us: placing each sticker. This was perhaps the most challenging step in the entire endeavor. Finding the right balance of colors, shapes, sizes, and negative space is a delicate dance of arranging and rearranging. This year’s commemorative art went through many iterations of sticker placement until we eventually baked it into a configuration that felt right.

The 2022 Commemorative Art

While it consisted of many elements and was the result of the work of many designers, creators, and directors, the design eventually solidified into one piece of glorious art that even a 55-foot tall cowboy would be proud of.

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