Grants & Sponsorships

Community Funding

Through our community donations, the State Fair is focused on supporting the local South Dallas/Fair Park community in three areas: Education (primarily high schools in the Fair Park area), Capacity Building of Nonprofits, and Economic Development. As a neighbor in this community, we are committed to supporting organizations that are providing services in this area.

State Fair of Texas has opened the applications for the first cycle of 2018 Grants and Sponsorships. Some changes have been made to our granting process, so please take note:

  • The State Fair of Texas will offer grant and sponsorship opportunities in three cycles throughout the year. This means you must anticipate the period for which you are requesting funding and apply in advance for the cycle whose disbursement correlates best. We will not accept applications or disperse funds outside of these cycles.
  • While an organization can apply for all of the cycles, an organization can only be selected and funded for a grant or sponsorship once throughout the year, so please consider all of your initiatives and prioritize the ones you will need the most help with.
  • If you are selected as a grantee, you must complete the mandatory reporting by the deadline indicated. Failure to do so will prevent you from being considered for any future funding opportunities, so please ensure you are aware of the deadlines ahead of time.
  • Summer program funding will have a different application process and timeline for organizations operating in the South Dallas/Fair Park area. Funding for summer programs will be contingent on participation in the mandatory training. Organizations can receive a summer program grant and a SFOT grant/sponsorship throughout the year. This is the only way organizations can receive funds from the State Fair twice in one fiscal year. Please look out for additional information on this process.

If you are interested in applying for funding, please complete the application by submitting online or emailing the completed application to

All applications must be submitted online or in the grant’s inbox by 3:00 pm on date they are due to be considered for funding in the second cycle. Any application not received by this deadline cannot be considered, and applicants will be asked to reapply in a different cycle. After all applications have been reviewed by our committee we will notify you with an email. We will send award letters by April.

NOTE: Funding will NOT be dispersed until April. If you receive an approval letter, a timeline of when you should expect to receive a check will be outlined. Please do not contact us regarding funding distribution. We will contact you if we have any questions. Use the email address to ask any questions regarding the grant application.


If you are seeking sponsorship for an event or opportunity, please submit the sponsorship request with all the essential information to by 3pm of the indicated date or deadline.

Letters should include:

  • Date of event
  • Targeted audience expected and how many of participants impacted are in the S Dallas/Fair Park area
  • Recruitment/Outreach efforts to target S Dallas/Fair Park orgs/individuals
  • Background/History of org
  • Amount Requested and why

While the State Fair of Texas no longer requires sponsorship requests to complete a grant application, we do require all sponsorship requests to fall within the timeline outlined below:

Funds Utilized Open for sponsorship request submissions Final Deadline to submit sponsorship request Reports Due
January – April November 8th December 8th May 30th
May – August February 23rd March 23rd September 28th
September – December June 20th July 20th January 30th


Apply Online
Download Application

Funds Utilized Application Opens Application Due Date Reports Due
January – April November 8th December 8th May 30th
May-August February 23rd March 23rd September 28th
September – December June 20th July 20th January 30th

All applications are due by 3:00 pm of the listed date.

Summer Program Funding

Each year the Fair funds summer programs, granting thousands of dollars to the local South Dallas community. Do you have a summer program that will make a positive impact in your community? Apply today.

Apply Online
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Funds Utilized Application Opens Application Due Date Reports Due
April – August February 1st March 1st September 1st


When are grant and sponsorship applications due?

We will accept applications for grants and sponsorships three times throughout the year.

When are summer program applications due?

We will accept applications for summer programs once throughout the year.

If I know what period in the year I will use funds when is the best time to send in an application?

You should submit the application in the period before you would like to use the funding.

How many times may I apply per year?

While you are welcome to submit an application at each cycle, an organization can only be awarded a grant/sponsorship by the SFOT once a year.

Can my organization apply for a grant/sponsorship and summer program funding?

Yes, applicants may apply for/receive funding for a summer program and a grant/sponsorship in the same fiscal year.

Are there additional requirements that my organization must meet before receiving summer program funding?

Recipients of summer funding must adhere to the additional outlined funding requirements such as participation in trainings. Funding is contingent upon the full participation of these opportunities, more details to be released soon.

I missed the deadline. Can my organization still apply?

All applications must be completed and emailed to by 3 pm on the days listed. Every application received will be time stamped. In order to maintain fairness, any application sent in after the cut off time will not be considered for that cycle.

Any additional questions or concerns should be sent to