Group Tickets

Buy Early. SAVE Big!

Getting the best deal on group tickets for your friends or your office, just got easier. You can also buy Food & Midway Coupons in advance for your group! The Fair’s group sales team can help you get everything you need for a day of fun at the Fair delivered right to your door.

Group ticket packages are for everyone, whether it’s a family reunion, a birthday celebration, or a company day at the Fair.

SAVE on Groups

The State Fair of Texas discounts our best Premium Admission Tickets for groups of 25 or more. Plus, you can add Food & Midway Coupons to your order and have everything delivered to your door!

Group ticket discounts are valid through the dates outlined below with online advance purchase with FedEx shipping available through October 17. Group orders that include coupons must be shipped to a verified business. Please allow minimum one business day for processing and two business days for shipping.

Buy Group Tickets Here on April 11

Food & Midway Coupons

To complete the Fair experience, add Food & Midway Coupons to any group ticket order. Each coupon is valued at $1. As of 2023, fairgoers may use coupons for not only food and rides, but now ALSO for games!

Buy Food & Midway Coupons Here on April 11

For questions about purchasing group tickets or assistance for orders of more than 400 tickets or 400+ tickets and/or coupons, please call 214-565-2979.