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The State Fair is proud to welcome horse show events back to the historic Fair Park Coliseum! The sections below will contain useful information about entering and participating in horse show events at the State Fair when that information becomes available in the spring. Be sure to bookmark this page and visit it often as updates are made regularly.

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RSNC Ranch Sorting | August 9 – 11

Ranch sorting is a western equestrian sport that evolved from full branding, doctoring, or transport. Ranch sorting is an event that pits a team of two riders on horseback against the clock. Teamwork is the key with both riders working in harmony to cut out the correct cattle and drive them to the pen while keeping the wrong numbered cattle back. There are several variations of ranch sorting, but all require sorting the cattle from one pen to the other in the correct order. 

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Youth Rodeo | August 17 – 18

Taking center stage in August, youth from across the Lone Star State will compete in the State Fair of Texas Youth Rodeo. Boys and girls will compete for State Fair of Texas Rodeo Championship buckles and Scholarships. Rodeo events include Breakaway Roping, Goat Ribbon Pulling, Barrel Racing and Pole Bending, Goat Tying, Ribbon Roping, Team Roping, and Tie Down Roping. See what the future of rodeo looks like, up close and personal!

Youth Rodeo

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Women’s Breakaway Roping | August 24

Women’s Breakaway roping is one of the fastest events in rodeo today. Top notch women riding elite equine athletes must start at a standstill, backed up in the roping box and launch their horse into a run in the hopes of roping a squirrely calf shooting out a chute that has been given a head start. The calf is roped and at the same time, the 1200-pound horse that was just going full-speed must now stop. When the horse stops, the rope “breaks away” from the rider’s saddle horn while the calf continues to run. The clock is stopped at that point. The incredible part about this event is the fact most competitive ropers can do all of that in under three seconds.

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Barrel Racing | August 25

Barrel Racing is an event where the horse and rider make a series of sharp turns around three barrels in a cloverleaf pattern, with the fastest time wins. Time begins as the rider enters the arena and crosses the starting line at a high speed. The rider can decide whether to go to the left or the right barrel first. Upon completion of the cloverleaf pattern at the farthest barrel from the starting line, the rider runs back to the starting line at full speed to stop the clock. If a barrel racer or their horse hits a barrel and knocks it over there is a time penalty of five seconds, which usually will result in a time too slow to win. Barrel racing horses not only need to be fast, but also strong, agile, and intelligent. Strength and agility are needed to maneuver the course in as little distance as possible. A horse that is able to “hug the barrels” as well as maneuver the course quickly and accurately follow commands, will be a horse with consistently fast times.


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Donkey & Mule Shows  |  August 31 – September 1

To know “Long Ears” is to LOVE them! 

The donkey and mule shows are an opportunity to show off the qualities and abilities of the lesser-known species of the equine world. Donkeys, mules, and miniature donkeys will be shown in halter, showmanship, trail, driving, western classes, and speed events. 

Come enjoy the 2023 State Fair of Texas Donkey, Mule, and Miniature Donkey Shows and get to know these special breeds. 

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AQHA/NSBA Show | September 7 – 8 

The American Quarter Horse is one of the most versatile horses in the world. This breed of horse is loyal, responsive, agile, hardworking and the most willing teammate to his rider. From western pleasure to jumping, horse racing to working cattle, this breed can do it all. The State Fair American Quarter Horse Show will have both western and English discipline classes, and all ages of exhibitors participating.

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