Shopping Guide

We've Got it All

Visitors have no trouble finding the perfect piece of jewelry or the latest kitchen gadget while on the fairgrounds. With 18 dedicated shopping locations around the park, shopping opportunities abound. And because it’s the State Fair of Texas, retailers and exhibitors offer great savings on everything from mattresses, hot tubs, tools, and farm equipment.

Scroll down for a list of shopping opportunities that you can have at the Fair!

LeafFilter Gutter Protection

Location: Centennial Exhibit Terrace

Promotion of LeafFilter Gutter Protection services.

/ 800-726-7703

LeafGuard of Dallas

Location: Grand Place

LeafGuard patented one-piece seamless debris shedding water management filtration gutter system.

/ 615-598-3853

LipSense by SeneGence

Location: Embarcadero

Long Lasting LipSense and Budge-Proof Cosmetics and Anti-Aging Skin Care.

/ 972.824.0292

Little Egypt

Location: Craft Pavilion

Egyptian themed items including home decor, statues, books, perfume oils, perfume bottles, clothing, shoes, belly dance costumes, jewelry and jewelry boxes.

Live Pee Free®!

Location: Grand Place

Dog Urine Odor Remover Cat Urine Odor Remover 24/7 "Mini" Odor Eliminator System.

/ 214.366.7723

Lolly's Chalk

Location: Craft Pavilion

Chalk Couture brand products.

Lotus Mandala

Location: Embarcadero

Hand made arts and crafts, copper and metal works, silver art works, semi precious stone jewelry. Singing Bowls, Thangka Paintings, wall hangings, bags, wooden masks and felt products.

Love That Door

Location: Centennial Building

Iron doors, windows, lighting, railing, fencing, arbors.

Lucky Locks Dallas

Location: Grand Place

Sparkle related merchandise including key chains, t-shirts, stickers, masks and mask holders.

/ 2147214610

M and J Custom Engraving

Location: Gateway Pavilion

Engraving on different items including medical alerts. License plate frames, name badges, money clips, Zippo lighters. Pet collars and leashes.

M Grills

Location: Centennial Exhibit Terrace

BBQ Grills Smokers, M Grills Apparel.

Madcraft Sign Company

Location: Embarcadero

Custom made signs and graphics.

Mahya Mineral Makeup

Location: Embarcadero, Grand Place

Mahya Cosmetics skin care products. Mahya Cosmetics 100% pure natural mineral makeup and cosmetic brushes.


Location: Embarcadero

Booom! The Magic Chemistry Kit, t-shirts and caps.


Location: Craft Pavilion

Wooden model airplanes, wooden nautical items and cars. Wooden US Armed Forces emblems. Wooden home décor. LED decorative lamps.

Midwest Custom Gifts

Location: Craft Pavilion

Handmade wine boxes, whiskey boxes, bible boxes, card boxes, gift tags, magnets, wooden flags, solid surface cutting boards.