Shopping Guide

We've Got it All

Visitors to State Fair of Texas will not only find great food and fun attractions but also lots of opportunities to shop! Looking for a gift for yourself or others? With 18 dedicated shopping locations around the park, shopping opportunities abound. And because it’s the State Fair of Texas, retailers and exhibitors offer great savings on everything from mattresses, hot tubs, tools, and farm equipment. Scroll down to see some of the exciting shopping opportunities that will be available this year!

Triad Aer Air Purifier

Location: Embarcadero

Triad Aer Air Purifier; Mini Aer Small Space Air Purifier and Shield Aer Personal Portable Air Purifier.

/ 409.771.0258

True Honey Teas

Location: Embarcadero

Our tea bags are packed with natural honey granules. We do not use oils or flavoring, just real ingredients. It's that simple and sweet.

Tuff Spas of Texas

Location: Grand Place

Tuff Spas we got you covered! A hard top cover with a lifetime warranty. You will never replace your spa cover again.

/ 972.963.0539

Tulip Souvenir

Location: Craft Pavilion

Ready for a cozy, colorful, happy vibe in your place? Our beautiful mosaic lamps are handcrafted in Turkey. A truly unique and mesmerizing addition to any home.


Location: Craft Pavilion

Handcrafted olivewood utensils, chessboard and salad bowls, resin art and olive wood serving trays, coffee tables and lamps.

Uncommon USA

Location: Grand Place & Centennial Building

Manufacturer of the Original Telescoping Flagpole. Proudly made in the USA for 35 years.

/ 800-419-5880


Location: Grand Place

Vitamix products, containers, Food Cycler.

/ 800.848.2649

Wholesale Patio

Location: Grand Place

Outdoor kitchens.

World's Greatest Peeler

Location: Gateway Pavilion

World's Greatest Peeler can peel any produce fast and easy.

/ 310.392.4608

YuYu Global Tribe

Location: Craft Pavilion

YUYU, celebrates roots and culture by offering traditional products from the next generation of artisans, designers and hand crafters from around the globe.

/ (214) 733-9705