OpEd Project’s Write to Change the World

State Fair of Texas Presents OpEd Project’s Write to Change the World, a 2 day workshop for Southern Sector Leaders of Nonprofit and Community Based Organizations

Calling all Southern Dallas Nonprofit and Community Based Leaders:

In The OpEd Project’s highly-interactive, energetic seminar, we explore the source of credibility and how to establish it; how to present ideas quickly and powerfully under pressure; the components of powerful, evidence-based argument; the difference between being “right” and being effective; and strategies for making a greater impact, including how to escape a pigeonhole, how to preach beyond the choir, and the value of seeing your argument as part of a bigger picture—and yourself as part of a larger public conversation. 

Participants leave the first day with a draft op-ed in hand. The second day greatly enhances the discoveries and results of the first day, because it gives participants the opportunity to absorb and act upon information from day one, and to share their ideas—drafted in the first day, and fleshed out overnight—with each other in a language that is broadly accessible (and perhaps not previously available to them). This serves to foster community among colleagues and cross-pollination of ideas.  In addition, we are able to accompany participants in exercises designed to expand the way they think about their particular expertise, and help them “translate” niche ideas (which they raised during the first day) into large themes, and to explore pitching. Participants will have ongoing access to OpEd Project resources, events and mentors.

When: Thursday, April 11  (10AM – 5PM) & Friday, April 12  (10AM – 5PM)

Where: Briscoe Carpenter Livestock Center in Fair Park

**Participants must work and/or participate in organizations that impact the Southern Sector of Dallas.