Ten reasons we’re thankful

With the Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner, the State Fair of Texas would like to take some time to reflect on a few of the many reasons that we give thanks this holiday season.

From some of our favorite memories at the 2016 State Fair of Texas, to all of the men and women who dedicate their lives every day to our country, we are #Thankful.


Thankful for all of our fairgoers, aka YOU!

Without our fairgoers, the State Fair of Texas would not be possible! From Opening Day, to the last hour of Day 24, y’all are the reason for all of the fun!



Thankful for US military and law enforcement

We are thankful to live in a country with such brave men and women protecting us each day. We’d like to say a special thank you to all of our law enforcement officials, active military, retired military and veterans.



Thankful for fresh Texas produce

What’s Thanksgiving without some fresh veggies?! We are thankful for our produce farmers who work tirelessly to grow delicious (and juicy) corn, and many more yummy crops.



Thankful for a Texas- sized turkey leg

Anyone else wishing they could have a State Fair of Texas turkey leg on their plate right about now? This scrumptious State Fair staple is always bound to be finger lickin’ GOOD!


16_thankfull_livestockThankful for Texas agriculture

Texas agriculture is something deserving of our never-ending recognition for its HUGE impact on our day-to-day lifestyles. If you know a farmer, thank a farmer. To all of our Texas agriculture family and friends, THANK YOU!


16_thankfull_bigtex2Thankful for 24 days spent with a 55-foot tall cowboy

Nothing beats walking up to Big Tex circle and hearing, “Howdy Folks!” each year. A greeting from Big Tex is the friendliest greeting around, and always brings a smile to our faces.


16_thankfull_familyThankful for spending time with family

Whether we’re spending the day with our State Fair of Texas family, or celebrating Thanksgiving at home, it is unlike any other memory. We cherish every moment and sharing it with the ones you love is well, priceless.


16_thankfull_cannedfoodThankful for the giving nature of Texans

Whether it’s sharing a friendly smile or donating more than 267,000 pounds of food to the North Texas Food Bank, we Texans have a heart for giving, and for that we are thankful! Random acts of kindness are good for the soul, try and share one each day!


16_thankfull_friendsThankful for fun times with friends

We are thankful for great friends that are always down to play midway games, share cotton candy, or ride the Texas Star!


16_thankfull_texasflagThankful for living in the great state of Texas!

There just isn’t anything quite like Texan pride! We have 268,820 miles of our GREAT state of Texas. What’s more to be thankful for than that?!


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