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Growing Roses in Texas

Roses, an iconic symbol of Valentine’s Day. You can hardly go anywhere this time of year without running into a stand that is selling bouquets of roses ready-made to brighten someone’s day! Roses are also a classic staple in landscaping and in the flower garden. Today, I’m going to tell you how to grow them in Texas and share some …

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Starting your own backyard orchard

With the “grow-your-own-food” movement continuing to gain popularity, I decided it was time to pass along some tips on starting your own backyard orchard! Be warned before you get started, this is not always easy. Growing fruit trees can be tough. The trees need care, bugs are always waiting to attack, birds want their share of the fruit and oh …

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Water conservation tips from Greenhouse Manager Drew Demler

Be it because they want to be better stewards of the land, because they are being put on mandatory water rationing, or because they simply want a cheaper water bill, many people are now becoming more concerned about conserving water. There are definitely some good ideas that can be employed to help keep water use (and your bill!) to a …

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