Grants & Sponsorships

Through our community donations, the State Fair of Texas is focused on supporting the local South Dallas/Fair Park community in four areas: Education, Capacity Building of Nonprofits, Economic Development. As a neighbor in this community, we are committed to supporting organizations that are providing services in this area.

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The State Fair of Texas supports the following:
Economic Development
Capacity Building for Nonprofits
Educational Programming
Social and Racial Justice

We support initiatives that are working in the aforementioned areas in 75210, 75215, 75223, and 75228 with some limited support for work in the Southern Sector of Dallas that impacts residents in the South Dallas/Fair Park neighborhood. Organizations within a ten mile radius of the Fair can apply but know that our priority is the South Dallas/Fair Park community and organizations that are offering services in this area.

Grant funding ranges from $5,000 to $10,000.

Important for all applicants: Collaboration is essential.  Please ensure that you are working with organizations and entities in our area.  Applications that do not demonstrate existing relationships with local entities are not favorably reviewed.

Grant Schedule and Deadline
Applications open February 1, and closes on March 15, at 5 pm.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for funding, please complete the application by clicking the link below. Make sure to complete the application in its entirety, including the attachments requested. Failure to do so may hinder our ability to process your application.

Organizations cannot receive funding for a grant and sponsorship in the same year, so determine if you will apply for a grant OR a sponsorship and complete the form for one, not both.

Important Application Deadline Information

All applications must be submitted online by 5  P.M. on March 15 to be considered for funding. Any application not received by this deadline cannot be considered. After all applications have been reviewed by our committee and a decision has been made; we will notify you with an email.

NOTE: Please do not contact us regarding funding notices or distribution. We will contact you if we have any questions about your application. Use the email address to ask any questions regarding the grant application or sponsorship process.

Thank you for the great work you do in communities, we look forward to learning about it!

During the grant application cycle, State Fair of Texas staff will not discuss anything related to funding to keep the process fair for all applicants.

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Any additional questions or concerns should be sent to