Educational Support

Summer Program Funding

Each year the Fair funds summer programs, granting thousands of dollar to the local South Dallas community. In 2016, the Fair granted $54,000 that impacted a total of 1,311 individuals. Participating organizations have included: Circle of Support, Inc., St. Philip’s School and Community Center, Frazier Revitalizations, Inc., Dallas Bethlehem Center, Azar Foundation, South Dallas Cultural Center, Azar Foundation, South Dallas Cultural Center, and T.R. Hoover Community Development Center.


SAT Summer Clinic and Big Tex Summer Sampler

During the summer, the Fair offers a SAT prep course for DISD students in order to prepare them for their future education. The Fair also hosts a unique summer camp for local Fair Park students called the Big Tex Summer Sampler – an educational camp that takes place on the Fair Park grounds, where students learn more about gardening, creative arts, agriculture, and cooking.

Big Thought Curriculum

The State Fair of Texas provides teacher training for specialized curriculums created in partnership with Big Thought. Each curriculum connects classroom learning with experiences at the State Fair of Texas.