Show serves as memorial to Greg Clardy

Greg Clardy is a caring man whose smile will brighten your day. He was born and raised here in Dallas, Texas, where he started showing donkeys about 10 years ago.

This year at the State Fair of Texas®, he was asked to substitute as superintendent for the donkey, mule and miniature donkey shows. Even though Greg has been involved with agriculture his whole life, donkeys had never been a huge part of it. This was his first time helping with judging, but it was not his first time in the arena.

About ten years ago, Greg and his late wife just “wound up with a donkey and thought: hey, this could be fun.” They went all around Texas for livestock shows until his wife was diagnosed with acute leukemia. In September of 2013, Greg’s wife lost her battle.

Her love for donkeys was why they attended shows, but showing was something they did together; it was their thing. Greg said, “I haven’t decided what I want to do yet.” The experience of showing all started with his wife and now he is unsure of the role he wants to share with the donkey community.

He said he plans on staying connected to the people he has met through showing donkeys, regardless of whether he continues to be an exhibitor or not. They have become a family that cares about each person involved in their unique category, and that is something he will want to be a part of forever.

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