School Education Program

State Fair of Texas School Education Program

The State Fair of Texas is proud to offer admission to students and faculty of public, private, and charter schools in Texas. Aligning with the Fair’s nonprofit mission to celebrate all things Texan by promoting agriculture, education, and community involvement, the Fair offers more than two million free student tickets and teacher admission vouchers each year.

Eligibility Requirements

Planning for the 2024 Fair is underway, so it is the perfect time to request your student tickets and teacher vouchers! Student tickets and teacher vouchers for your school to attend the State Fair of Texas must be requested via our online form each year, as they are printed to the specific requests. By submitting a request, you certify that your school meets all three qualifications to participate in the State Fair of Texas School Education Program. Failure to meet the minimum qualifications subjects a school to being removed from the program without notice.

Public school and district requests must come from the office of the superintendent.  Only one request per email and registration ID will be accepted. If you have more than one school in your charter, region, or district, please combine all submissions through one request, as we require a single point of contact. Thank you!

To be eligible for participation, schools must be:

– TEA/TEPSAC accredited primary educational programs (Grades Pre-K through 12.)
– Located within 100 miles of Fair Park
– Have a minimum enrollment of 100 eligible students

Unfortunately, daycare and supplemental educational institutions are not eligible for participation. Failure to meet the minimum qualifications subjects a school to being removed from the program without notice.

Note: Teachers must visit the admission ticket sales window, provide a teacher voucher, and show their valid school-issued photo ID to receive an admission ticket to the Fair. These vouchers are limited to one per educator and will not be accepted unless a valid school-issued photo ID is also shown.

The deadline to submit an application for the 2024-25 school year has now passed.