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September 27 – October 20, 2019

Nothing to Whine About: Taste 12 of Texas’s Best Wines

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The State Fair Wine Garden is the perfect destination, whether you need a place to relax or a way to start your day off right. You can head to the garden for a break after experiencing all the fun the Fair has to offer or go straight there as soon as you arrive. We have some of the best wines Texas has to offer, after all!

The new GO TEXAN Blue Ribbon Wine Selection features great drinks for everyone 21 and older to enjoy. Experts selected the 12 best-tasting wines from a pool of more than 100 entries to be showcased at the State Fair Wine Garden.

The Fair’s core mission is to promote agriculture, education, and community involvement, and this new program brings it all together. Buying or tasting wines helps support local agriculture and wineries, while allowing you to learn all about the best Texan wines by drinking with your friends, family, and the great community of fairgoers. Not that any of us need another reason to drink great-tasting wine, but supporting local vineyards and the local economy sure doesn’t hurt! It also doesn’t hurt that you can buy these wines by the taste, glass, or bottle to share with your friends and family – or to keep all for yourself.

Out of 125 wines entered in the GO TEXAN Blue Ribbon Wine Selection program, the 12 chosen wines represent 11 wineries from across the Lone Star State and offer a great variety of reds, whites, and sparkling. The best part is that you can try the 12 Blue Ribbon wines throughout all 24 days of the Fair.

Farmhouse Vineyards “West Texas Boyfriend”  (Sparkling-Off Dry)
Texas High Plains, non-vintage

This boyfriend will only make your partner jealous if you don’t share. The bubbles of this sparkling 100% Malvasia Bianca will dance across your palate with warm flavors of lychee, apricot, and Asian pear. It pairs well with heavy cheese, which is easy to find around the Fair.

Becker Vineyards Merlot 2016  (Dry Red)

This combination of three Texas High Plains vineyards is one of detail, bringing you a well-balanced and rich wine. It is fruit-driven with a very mature palate and rich tannin structure. This wine presents as a dry red wine, with lush red fruits, earthiness, and fresh tobacco.

Bingham Family Vineyards “Fine ‘N Dandy” 2017  (Sweet Red)
Texas High Plains, Estate

Named and dedicated to Eddie Bingham, the family grandfather, this sweet red wine blends the aroma of dark cherry and strawberry with a strong pomegranate flavor.

Brennan Vineyards “Buffalo Roam” 2016  (Dry Red)

This medium-bodied red wine combines fruit and non-fruit flavors with bright tannins that complement any Southern fare. The fruit flavors of black plum skins and blackberries, with the non-fruit flavors of leather, cigar box, and pipe tobacco gives a nod to significant oak aging.

C.L. Butaud Tempranillo 2015 (Dry Red)

On the nose, this wine has the aroma of fresh Japanese plums and sweet tobacco, dark vanilla bean, buttery pie crust, and baked cinnamon. In the mouth, there’s a balance between plum and blackberry pie, graphite and tobacco, with a rich cocoa tannins finish. Leaves black currants and dried blueberries persisting on the palate.

Trilogy Cellars “KAB” 2016  (Dry Red)
Texas High Plains, Hockley County

The Trilogy KAB represents a true field blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Verdot, grown at the Hill family’s Vineyard on the Texas High Plains. This dry, red wine blend presents inky-dark color with balanced tannins and notes of black current and vanilla.

Messina Hof Sagrantino Reserva 2016  (Dry Red)

Sagrantino is a grape with an incredible structure, tannin, and flavor. This Sagrantino Reserva is an exquisite, dark red wine with grapes grown at an elevation of 3,600 feet in the Texas High Plains. It is aged for 20 months in hybrid oak barrels, adding hints of vanilla and cinnamon with earthy tones to the intense tannins and rich, jammy fruit flavors.

McPherson Cellars “Les Copains” 2016  (Dry White) & “Tre Colore” 2016 (Dry Red)

McPherson Cellars brings both white and red Blue Ribbon wines to the Fair. Le Copains is bright and exuberant, filling the glass with subtle guava and mango aromas. The flavors are bright with lemony citrus, honeysuckle, and marjoram with a clean, refreshing finish. Tre Colore blends three varieties to create a light-bodied, easy drinking red wine with aromas of dried cherries, cedar, and herbs.

Lost Draw, La Pradera Vineyard Roussanne 2017 (Dry White)
Texas High Plains

This wine, aged for 10 months in stainless steel, is known as the “Texas Chardonnay.” It is a full-bodied white wine with roots in La Pradera Vineyards in Terry County.

Kiepersol Vineyards Merlot 2013  (Dry Red)
Kiepersol, Texas

With a palate of ripe spring blueberry, toasted coconut and grilled peaches, this wine leads to a warm and satisfying finish of baked pecans and dried prune. This is a go-to Merlot that epitomizes the comfort of Kiepersol wines.

Bending Branch Winery “Branch Texas Red”  (Dry Red)
Texas, non-vintage

This red blend has acidity and structure to strike a balance as an approachable full-bodied red wine.

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