Mundo Latino – Guitarras de Mexico

A celebration of Latin culture, Mundo Latino brings a special exhibit to the Fair every year. Housed inside the Women’s Museum, the annual Mundo Latino exhibit focuses on a different aspect of Hispanic and Latin culture each year. Mundo Latino presents its new exhibit for 2015, “Guitarras de Mexico.” Sharing the history of guitars, guitar makers and guitarists, the showcase has a special focus on instruments made in Paracho, Michoacán – also known as the “Guitar Capital of Mexico.” A small town in western Mexico, Paracho is home to a large number of guitar factories and some of the world’s best guitar makers. The exhibit includes performances from rondallas, or a musical ensemble of stringed instruments that has roots in Spanish history. As an additional display of authentic Mexican culture, guitar makers, or luthiers, are demonstrating their skills and craftsmanship for visitors who want to learn about the art of guitar making. This cultural celebration is open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the Women’s Museum. Entrance to this exhibit is FREE with State Fair admission.

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