Juanita Craft Humanitarian Awards Nomination Application

Award Criteria

Ready to nominate a person or organization for a Juanita Craft Humanitarian Award? This where it all starts. Please read the information below carefully and fill out the application below.

Criteria for Evaluating Nominations

• Impact on the community and active involvement
• A strong commitment to social justice issues through notable efforts
• Quality of submission
• Evidence of time and resources used to address aforementioned issues

Award Categories

Spark Award
Mrs. Craft focused on the development of young people as leaders. This award is designed to recognize a young person between the ages of 14-21 that is making an impact in their school, neighborhood, or local community by contributing to making our world an even better place now and in the future.

Legacy Award
A lifetime achievement award for individuals, families, or organizations that have made important and sustained contributions to the understanding and promotion of civil rights.

Visionary Award
Designed to recognize individuals whose contributions are currently creating a positive effect on civil rights and community transformation in Dallas. This individual has committed their personal time, resources, and passion to take on a challenge that addresses equity and fairness presently.

Catalyst Award
For individuals under 40 years old that are making an impact in civil and human rights in the city of Dallas by creating new initiatives and opportunities.

Nomination Application

2021 nomination period is now over.