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September 27 – October 20, 2019

It’s Hot Outside but These New Attractions Are Cool

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It may be hot outside but there some really cool attractions coming to the Fair for the very first time this year. Check out our growing list of new experiences and let us know on social media which ones you’re looking forward to.

Livestock Birthing Barn

During the 2017 Fair we were thrilled when one of our resident heifers gave birth to a beautiful calf. Not only were State Fair Livestock staff on hand to care for both mother and calf, but the birth was witnessed by fairgoers who were visiting the Barnyard that day. That’s when inspiration struck, and the Livestock Birthing Barn was conceived (pun intended). This year, all fairgoers can have a fun and educational experience that highlights the miracle of life through the incubation and birthing process of various livestock animals. Located near the Coliseum, the Livestock Birthing Barn should definitely be on your ‘must-see’ list during your State Fair visit.

Home on the Range

The exhibits inside are not new to the Fair, but it sure will look and feel like an entirely new experience. Redesigned from the ground up with state-of-art technology in mind, Home on the Range will be taking over the Coliseum this year and once you step inside, you’ll instantly be transported into a Texas farm town. Featuring Fair-time favorites like Little Hands on the Farm — a farm-to-market activity for little ones – and the Children’s Health Barnyard petting zoo, this all-new attraction is going to be “MOO-velous.” So, get ready to enjoy some cool air conditioning inside the new exhibition that everyone will be talking about this year at the State Fair of Texas.

Big Tex Basketball Midway Prize

The basketball game is one of our most popular games on the State Fair Midway and this year, there’s another big reason to try out your b-ball skills: the new Big Tex basketball. This one-of-kind, specially designed basketball will be THE Midway prize everyone will want to claim this year. Try your luck at the basketball game this year and make sure to post your selfie with your Big Tex basketball using #BigTex.

Amazing Archery

Do you know what’s cooler than watching someone shoot a bow and arrow in a movie? Seeing someone shoot a bow and arrow in real life! Making his debut at the State Fair of Texas, Frank Addington Jr. is a professional archer with nearly 40 years of experience under his belt. Located in the Amphitheatre near the Magnolia Beer Garden, Amazing Archery will feature several mind-blowing shots, including one where he shoots an arrow at a baby aspirin in mid-air. Yeah, you read that right — a sight that must be seen to be believed.

Backyard Steak-Out and Pizzeria

If relaxing in a comfortably shaded area and snacking on delicious food while listening to live music sounds like a good time, then the Fair’s new Backyard Steak-Out and Pizzeria will be your new favorite hangout. Located on Nimitz Avenue near the Coliseum, this State Fair oasis features brick-oven pizza and perfectly grilled steaks served in a uniquely-designed setting that’s sure catch your eye. A small stage will provide some intimate musical entertainment and if you’re at the Fair late in the day, the Backyard Steak-Out and Pizzeria is the perfect spot to watch the nightly Starlight parade.

All-Star Stunt Dog Show

They’ve performed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Oprah Winfrey Show, and traveled the country – now they’re performing at the 2018 State Fair of Texas!  The All-Star Stunt Dog Show is the world’s first and original “stunt dog show,” where jumping rope, barrel racing, and even juggling is dog-on fun to watch. Best of all, each of the dogs in the show have been rescued from shelters and trained to showcase their unique talents. Located in the Pan Am Arena, the All-Star Stunt Dog Show is a daily thrill you’ll want to come watch again and again.


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