Girls rule

Having an all girls’ team has its benefits. Kristen Massingill – 12, Lauren Lee – 13, Harley Rogers – 16, Ashley Watson -17 are the 2013-2014 Hamilton Livestock Judging team.

Though this is only the second time they have competed together, the girls are already very excited about the team and the bond they already have.

“There aren’t any boys!” Rogers exclaimed. “Being all girls, we understand each other and can communicate better.”

Not only do the girls ‘get each other’ they are also each other’s encouragement and support while having the same long-term goal in mind.

“We have a young team this year,” Rogers said. “We hope to push each other, focusing on positive improvement, so one day we can accomplish our main goal…be the winning team!”

In addition to judging livestock, the girls also show cattle. Gearing up for stock show season, they are using the knowledge they have gained in livestock judging to assist them in the preparation of their show calves. With all the girls agreeing that showing cattle and judging livestock go hand-in-hand, they believe that you must be able to pick a good calf to show and in turn find the best one in a competition.

The judging season is just beginning for the girls. With a positive attitude and an open mind, they are ready for all the new experiences this year’s season will entail.

“I really enjoy livestock judging because of the people,” Rogers said. “You get to know them at a contest, then continue to see them around contests down the road. I have met some of my best friends at livestock judging events.”

The Hamilton girls ranked 19 out of 110 teams at the State Fair of Texas® livestock judging contest on October 8.

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