Featured Food Form

Before you apply:

•  Name of your food as it is listed on your menu.
This should be what represents your stand or what your best-selling item is.

•  This will be featured in the Visitor’s Guide so have a short marketing description of the item that will grab the fair-goers attention. (Max 2 sentences)

•  Please also submit 1 (one) photo of your featured item; this needs to be a high-resolution photo. The director of marketing will either approve the photo, or we will have you come take a photo during the new vendor photo shoot on the 19th of June.

Featured Food Form


This item should be your Featured item for your stand.

Max. file size: 50 MB.
Important: This photo will be in the visitor guide. If the photo does not work you will need to come to the New Food Photo Shoot on July 19th. We will send you an email with an approval or a link to set up a time to get your items photo taken.