Community Engagement Day

Networking for the Community

In 2019, we were elated to bring together more than 250 individuals to the Community Engagement Day Luncheon.  This year Community Engagement Day will offer the opportunity for nonprofit organizations to meet and connect virtually.

You are invited to attend our Annual Community Engagement Day Luncheon and connect with other nonprofits in order to share resources and discover new opportunities to collaborate. Submit your information below and instruction on attending and parking will be emailed to you.

2021 Community Engagement Day

When:  June 24
Time: 11:30 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.
Where: Virtual

Deadline to register is June

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Karen Craddock

Virtual Community Engagement Day Keynote Speaker

Karen Craddock is an applied psychologist, certified EQ practitioner, and facilitator. Her explorations of race and gender, mothering and mentoring, marginalization and resilience, personal narrative, and the relational neuroscience of inclusion are featured in her action research and direct practice. She was a senior researcher at Education Development Center, Tufts University, and for several federally based initiatives, such as PI for a Native American Engagement in STEM scan analysis. As a senior administrator, her roles include partner engagement manager at Harvard University and senior trainer with National TA Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention.

Karen is co-founder of The Wellness Collaborative, Inc., which is an interdisciplinary collective reimagining healthcare and wellness to address disparities, especially integrating culturally anchored modalities of healing and mental health. She is a tribal member and chair of the Safe Harbor for the People of the First Light, Aquinnah Wampanoag, and board member/chair of the equity & inclusion committee for the Social-Emotional Learning Alliance for Massachusetts, as well National Advisor for Social-Emotional Learning for the United States. (Ed.M. Harvard University; Ph.D. Tufts University).

Dr. Craddock is a Visiting Scholar at the Wellesley College Centers for Women, developing her study and memoir on Black-Indigenous Women’s voices, and the recipient of creative writing fellowships at the Cuttyhunk Island Writers Residency and the Martha’s Vineyard Institute for Creative Writing. Among her publications and editorial works include Black Motherhoods: Contours, Contexts and Considerations, Transforming Community: Stories of Connection through the Lens of Relational-Cultural Theory and Why Racialized Exclusion Hurts and How We Can Remain Resilient.

Meaghan Read

Virtual Community Engagement Day Keynote Speaker

Meaghan is a passionate professional in the mental health sector. Meaghan provides community advocacy and mental healthcare policy analysis. She currently serves as Director of Public Policy at Mental Health America of Greater Dallas. She began her career in leadership positions in the fast food and dental industry for over 10 years. She then received a Bachelor of Liberal Arts at the University of Texas at Arlington, focused on public relations and political science.

Her responsibilities include administrative duties, public policy analysis, advocacy and event organizing. She organizes stakeholder outreach, manages the Mental Health Diversity & Inclusion Taskforce and oversees the Mental Health Workplace Wellness series, focused on providing leaders with strategies to incorporate mental health in the workplace.

Meaghan organized MHA – Greater Dallas’ Changing the Course of Mental Health, which looks to educate about the factors of racism as a mental health crisis. Then, act to eliminate structural racism through advocacy. She utilizes her lived experience and education to initiate action.

Meaghan manages the Coalition on Mental Illness, serves on the South Dallas Employment Project Public Policy Council, sits on the DEI Advisory Council for the North Texas Behavioral Health Authority, services as co-chair of the Fighting for What’s Right Committee, Metro Dallas Youth Committee, and is Co-Chair of I Am HERE Coalition. She is a member of the Public Relations Society of America, Dallas Chapter.

George Brooks

Virtual Community Engagement Day Keynote Speaker

George shares in his own words as the importance of mental health and will share his experiences and the work of the Metta Association.

“Around age 9, I noticed that I didn’t process thoughts and ideas the same way that my peers did. I was labeled as “overly-emotional”. I knew that mental illness was a “thing” even at that young age. However, the level of ignorance and unawareness, especially in the black community, made things markedly more difficult throughout my formative years. My worst was two years ago. I was in the wrong place and surrounded by the wrong people. I was literally dying and wasting away, but thankfully, members of my family and loved ones were able to help me in recovery.

I knew I had to clean up my mental and emotional diet. Gone were the days of watching the news and morbid shows and associating with the wrong crowd. I now find out about the world by venturing out into it. I also, relocated from Memphis to Dallas, which is arguably the greatest thing I’ve ever done for myself. I’ve had to overcome self-doubt, disloyalty, being obsessed with my condition, and the fear of making that one huge step toward healing and recovery. I am continuing to pursue my goals and establish positive, beneficial relationships with those from my past.

I’ve learned that I’m not perfect and that I do have my “unpleasant moments”, but I have learned to be humble and listen. I’m continuing to learn to adapt to the ebbs and flows of my family and friends in order to live a productive, loving, and happy life. I stay on the path to wellness, participating in therapy and remaining medicinally compliant. I volunteer with the homeless and mentally ill ( I am active in church. Mainly, I have long term plans for my family and myself, but just go one day at a time, moment by moment.”