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September 27 – October 20, 2019

Celebrating Texans: T.R. Hoover CDC

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As a fan of the State Fair of Texas, you probably already know that our theme for 2017 is “Celebrating Texans.” But what does this theme actually mean, and how do we go about celebrating Texans? Texans embody a unique spirit of unity, pride, and a desire to support one another. So, to celebrate these Texan traits, we are highlighting local individuals and organizations in the South Dallas area that are making a positive impact in our community. These are groups of people that inspire us to continue our own mission of promoting agriculture, education, and community involvement.
In this edition of “Celebrating Texans,” we are highlighting T.R. Hoover Community Development Corporation, a nonprofit entity in South Dallas that is working to empower their community through education, neighborhood revitalization projects and various other initiatives. T. R. Hoover was established to be an advocate for the needy in the Ideal Neighborhood community and to address the issues of poverty, economic divestment, blight, infrastructure decline, neighborhood safety, and the rising levels of unemployment within the Ideal Neighborhood.
At the State Fair of Texas, we are dedicated to building great relationships with our neighbors and leveraging our connections to collaborate more effectively. Our goal with this ongoing series is to introduce you to work that truly makes a difference. So if you watched the video above and want to get involved, there are several ways to further the mission of T.R. Hoover. Here are some ideas:
Needs of the Organization

Board members
Volunteers for their after-school program to teach classes and assist with tutoring
Volunteers to assist with community affairs
Volunteers to assist with feeding children during after-school programs
Volunteers to provide classes for community residents
Minor building repairs and landscaping
Books for elementary-aged youth
School supplies for youth
Transportation for youth for field trips
Assistance with strategic planning

Office Supplies Needed

Quick books online
Copy paper
Office storage space for files, etc.
Phones/phone system
Light bulbs
Fire proof safe for bank books
Storage shelves
Hole punchers
Storage shelves
Commercial-size copy/print/ fax machine

To donate or to learn more contact:
Sherri Mixon, Executive Director
T. R. Hoover Community Development Corporation
5106 Bexar Street
Dallas, Texas 75215
214-421-2420 or 214-478-2440

Mission Statement

The State Fair of Texas celebrates all things Texan by promoting agriculture, education, and community involvement through quality entertainment in a family-friendly environment.

The State Fair of Texas is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Mailing Address

P.O. Box 150009
Dallas, TX 75315



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