Big Tex Scavenger Hunt

While our 55-foot tall cowboy is one-of-a-kind, there are a few more places you’ll be able to see Big Tex during your visit to the Fair. Here is a short, fun scavenger hunt you can do to find him. Once you find Big Tex, be sure post your photos to social media and tag @StateFairofTX

  1. Located not too far off from the Cotton Bowl Stadium steps, this Big Tex lights up the Texas night sky. Also, when you’re in the exact spot, he appears to be pointing at the top of the Texas Star!
  2. Found on the Midway, this Big Tex is the most recent to join the group. While he is the smallest, he is definitely the squishiest and with the right amount of skill or luck, you just might get to take him home!
  3. Run, run as fast as you can, this Big Tex is always on the move! Hard to find and as silent as can be, this Big Tex will give you the biggest challenge because he’s constantly on the move to take selfies and greet fairgoers.
  4. Another new member to the Big Tex squad, this little guy can be purchased! That’ right folks! You just might want to convince your group to stop by the Big Tex Store so you can take this one home.
  5. Last but not least, and not too much of a hunt, this Big Tex will greet you loud and proud with a big ol’ “Howdy, Folks!”

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