Big Tex Cooking School


Bring the Fair into Your Kitchen

Eating all your Fair food favs is one of the best traditions at the great State Fair of Texas. Now you can celebrate that tradition yourself with the Big Tex Cooking School. The State Fair team has assembled four concessionaires who are responsible for some of the wackiest and most delicious food at the Fair to teach you how to make Fair food at home.

For four weeks in 2020, the Fair released episodes of the Big Tex Cooking School showcasing fun, easy to make Fair food using items you can find in your pantry or at the grocery store. While we know that nothing will replace biting into a funnel cake on the Midway and getting powdered sugar all down your shirt, the team at the State Fair hopes the cooking school will help you continue celebrate your Fair traditions in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Episode 1

Funnel Cakes with Tom Grace

A staple of Fair food, learn how to make a Funnel Cake in your own kitchen Tom Grace demonstrates how to make a traditional funnel cake and then take your athome funnel cake to a new level by building a Funnel Cake Bacon Queso Burger. 

Episode 2

Fried PB&J and Fried Pizza with Abel Gonzales

Learn to fry at-home Fair food with Abel Gonzales, the multi-item winner of the Big Tex Choice Awards.  He will showcase some of his staple menu items – Fried PB&J and Fried Pizza. 

Episode 3

Fried Reese’s and Fried Bacon Burger Dog Slider on a Stick with Juan and Brent Reaves

Everything is better when it is fried on a stick – right?  Learn from the masters to fry Big Tex Choice Award finalist the Fried Bacon Burger Dog Slider on a Stick and a gooey treat, Fried Reese’s with Juan and Brent Reeves.  

Episode 4

Fried Cuban Roll and Fried Pop Tart with Isaac Rousso

Want to learn how to make a fried treat based on the Cuban sandwich, in this episode Isaac Rousso shows you how to take ingredients from the store and make a Fried Cuban Roll and his signature Fried Pop Tart.