2018 State Fair of Texas’ Theme

Celebrating Texas Innovation

From America’s first self-contained modern shopping center, stadium nachos, iconic corn chips, the frozen margarita machine, handheld calculators, to even corny dogs, several of the world’s favorite creations were introduced right here in the Lone Star State. Texas continues to be a state of innovation delivering groundbreaking inventions, technological advancements, and scientific milestones. Commemorating the significant Texans and Texas innovations that have helped influence our current way of life and looking forward to the state’s next era of pioneers, the Fair is proud to introduce its 2018 theme of “Celebrating Texas Innovation.”

State and world fairs have long been known as destinations for introducing new modernizations to the world. Beginning in 1886 as a local gathering place for people to share ideas and learn from new cultures, the annual state fair and exposition in Fair Park became a breeding ground for Texas education and innovation. While its historical purpose has evolved over the last 132 years, education remains a pillar of the Fair’s nonprofit mission – promoting agriculture, education, and community involvement.

“We believe that innovation stems from education,” says Mitchell Glieber, State Fair of Texas president. “Through recent initiatives like Big Tex Urban Farms and ongoing programs like the Fair’s TEKS-aligned curriculum, I Spy Texas display, Big Tex’s Farmyard, and our 170 agricultural events ranging from livestock competitions to ag robotics, we aim to inspire future innovators by offering exhibits and activities that are both educational and entertaining.”

Illustrating this year’s theme, the artwork highlights Texas innovations such as the integrated circuit, agricultural advances, space exploration, and food innovation.

Honoring those who have helped pave or are paving the way for Texas innovation, the Fair will be launching a social campaign to highlight significant Texans and Texas organizations who have imprinted on our great state’s history and future. This will run throughout the year to serve as another platform for people everywhere to join the Fair in “Celebrating Texas Innovation.”

Mark your calendars for the 2018 State Fair of Texas. Say “howdy” to Big Tex and join the annual celebration of all things Texan, opening September 28 at historic Fair Park in Dallas.