Big Tex Scholarship Program Recipients

Texan Leaders in the Making

From graduating high school seniors in our South Dallas neighborhood, to students throughout the Lone Star State with livestock and agricultural backgrounds, and State Fair of Texas seasonal employees, we are proud of our scholarship recipients and their dedication to higher education. Our Big Tex scholars are currently working towards earning degrees across 47 different Texas universities and colleges. We applaud them for their eagerness to make a difference in their community while staying diligent in their studies. We look forward to investing in each student’s journey as they continue to follow their dreams.

2018 Pete Schenkel Scholar, Cinthia Rayas


“Every time I hear state fair it reminds me of the first scholarship I have received and the first ones who opened doors to my dreams. They were the reason I continue pushing myself to be better. I love going to the fair. Being a Big Tex Scholar has been a blessing because I am able to see they had my back from the beginning. This title means so much to me, how even though doors were closed this door was open and I can tell my future kids how my dreams and hopes where able to be reached because of the state fair scholarship.”

2020 Youth Livestock Scholar, Macie McCollum


“I remember attending the State Fair of Texas when I was six years old. I was in awe of Big Tex, of the fair food, and the livestock show. At the age of nine I exhibited my very steer at the fair winning Reserve Champion Lightweight British. It was my first taste of success in the show ring and to this day it was one of the sweetest. Fast forward ten years…being a Big Tex Scholar truly shows that my involvement with the State Fair of Texas has come full circle, and I could not be prouder of my hard work to accomplish this.”

2017 Youth Livestock Scholar, Dylan Sione


“I had to take a two-year gap year because of a severe car crash. I was originally supposed to be a part of the class of 2021, but the night before classes, I was hit as a pedestrian by a car travelling 70 mph and sustained a broken tibia/fibula in both legs and a fractured occipital socket among other lacerations. It took 7 surgeries over the course of two years to get to where I am now. I am not back to where I was before, but I am able to walk around campus and try to be a normal college student (even if I am a couple years older than the rest of the people in my class). A lot of my college savings was used to help cover medical costs, so having this scholarship has been extremely helpful.”

2022 Pete Schenkel Scholarship Recipients

Abigail Galvan

Addison Leonard

Alfredo Hernandez

Alondra Riojas

Alonzo Cortez

Analee Catalan

Angela Chavez

Anyah Peters

Belia Sanchez-Booth

Benjamin Winslow

Brandon Patterson

Brenda Gochez-Menendez

Brian Higgins Jr.

Britney Mercado Benitez

Carter Vu

Chloe Serna

Cindy Gomez

Clarissa Molina

Daisy Ramirez

Daniel Perez-Martinez

Deanna Choice

Deidre Lewis

Emily Hebert

Evelyn Casillas

Evelyn Castro

Faith Frieling

Fatima Castillo

Flavia Santamaria

Frances Ray

Gloria Torres

Guadalupe Rosales

Hailey Andrade

Hennessy Meza

Isabella Tames

Isis Balderas

Ivan Barron

Jacqueline Martinez

Jamaree Riley

JaMya Maryland

Jesus Martinez

Jimena Ibarra

Joen Rodriguez

Juan Bermudez-Saenz

Juan Martinez

Julianna Serrano

Kate Alonzo

Kenya Hart

Khylen Loya

Kyler Bolden

Lauren Castillo-Rodriguez

Lesley Aguilera

Lizbeth Martinez

Lourdes Randle

Luis Lopez

Luisa Sukkar

Lydia Rangel

Macie Cisneros

Marco Barrera

Melat Assefa

Michael Rodriguez

Na’Kariea Applewhite

Natalia Ybarra

Paisley Garrett

Paris Blaylock

Romika Nguyen

Sean Trimble

Sergiauona Anthony

Shadai Harrison

Shawnthy Pen

Steven Williams

Taniya Payne

Treneaja Baxter

Vanessa Villalobos

Willam Barnett

Ximena De Leon

Yesenia Gutierrez

Yhurixi Rodriguez-Guerrero

2022 Youth Livestock Scholarship Recipients

Addison Thorin

Alexis Alaniz

Amanda Hoffmann

Anna LaRue

Annabelle Terrell

Annaleah Lombardo

Annie Fallon

Aubrey Thornton

Audrey Bishop

Avery Brooks

Baileigh Shaw

Bailey McEntee

Barrett Bradshaw

Bayli Leingang

Benjamin Johnson

Blake Beste

Brady Wilson

Brinley Allison

Brooke Elkins

Bryce Fisher

Callie Welty

Carrie Buck

Carson Esker Dugger

Casen Slayton

Cash Martin

Cash Vititow

Cassady Craddock

Cassidee Butler

Cassidy Fuchs

Colby Coker

Colter Pohlman

Colton Coburn

Colton Lortz

Coltyn Campbell

Connor Pence

Courtney Burrell

Dalton Hamilton

Dillon Prokop

Faith Geistweidt

Faran Atkins

Hannah Simpson

Harley Brockelman

Haylee Howell

Haylyn Gembler

Haze Tomascik

Heather Hough

Holly Alderson

Hunter Pemberton

Jacob Lowrie

Jake Simpson

Jessalyn Payne

Justin Richey

Justin Spenrath

Kaitlynn Hughes

Kamden Hutton

Kamryn Teeters

Karagen Dreibrodt

Karlye Williams

Katy Powers

KaytLynn Lemley

Kendall Bone

Kendall Thompson

Kenedy DeVoe

Kenna Lane

Kennedy Hobbs

Kobe Thomas

Kodi Davis

Kollier Miller

Kooper Hansard

Kyal Browne

Kylie Hartley

Lane Hillert

Laney Ferrell

Macie Goodson

Mackenzie Foster

Macy Pool

Madelynn Ford

Madison Waters

Madlyn Nichols

Maggie Smitherman

Maggie Spikes

Marisa Frazier

McKenzie Bancroft

Morgan Dreyer

Mya Alford

Natalie Putnam

Olivia Dykes

Peyton Smith

Remington Castellese

Rylah Morgan

Savannah Rabe

Savannah Whitt

Shelbi Loving

Sidney Hunter

Stephen Fuhrmann

Steven Moran

Summer Conway

Sunny Cowley

Taije Schroeder

Tanna Thiel

Tanner Owen

Taylor Moore

Tess Homeyer

Tirey Bow

Trayle Schroeder

Trevor Gibbs

Trey Hagen

Trey Hoffmann

Tristyn Reed

Ty Pressley

Tyler Martin

Waylon Hinze

Wesley Wages

Weston Hinze

William Anderson

Wyatt Drews

Zachary Gray

Zoe Maurer

Zoey Serapin

2022 State Fair of Texas Seasonal Employee Scholarship Recipients

Abigail Sanchez 

Allison Stec