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Restroom 1

Restroom 2

Restroom 3

Restroom 4

Restroom 5

Restroom 6

Restroom 7

Restroom 8

Restroom 9

Restroom 10

Restroom 11

Restroom 12

Restroom 13

Restroom 14

Extended Hours Restroom 1

Extended Hours Restroom 2

Extended Hours Restroom 3

Extended Hours Restroom 4

Extended Hours Restroom 5

Extended Hours Restroom 6

Extended Hours Restroom 7

Extended Hours Restroom 8

Wheelchair / Stroller Rental 1

Wheelchair / Stroller Rental 2

Wheelchair / Stroller Rental 3

Wheelchair / Stroller Rental 4

Guest Relations 1

Guest Relations 2

Extended Hours Restroom 9

Safe Kids

Police / Lost & Found

State Fair Store 1

State Fair Store 2

State Fair Store 3

State Fair Store 4

State Fair Store 5

Info / Online Coupon Pickup 1

Info / Online Coupon Pickup 2

Info / Online Coupon Pickup 3

Info / Online Coupon Pickup 4

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Info / Online Coupon Pickup 6

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Info Booth 1

Baby Care Center 1

Baby Care Center 2

Baby Care Center 3

Wheelchair Access 1

Wheelchair Access 2

Wheelchair Access 3

Wheelchair Access 4

Wheelchair Access 5

Wheelchair Access 6

First Aid 1

First Aid 2

Restroom 15

Restroom 16

Fair Park Station Pedestrian Entrance

Midway Pedestrian Entrance

Lagow Street Pedestrian Entrance

Fernie’s SkyWay Porch

Bluebonnet Roadhouse

State Fair Wine Garden

View Events at State Fair Wine Garden

Backyard Steak-Out & Pizzeria

Gulf Coast Grill





Land Rover













Chevrolet Trucks

Ford Trucks

GMC Trucks

Toyota Trucks

Ram Trucks


Nissan Trucks


Craft Pavilion

Gateway Pavilion

Grand Place

Nimitz Terrace

Dallas Mounted Police & K-9

Big Tex

Texas Vietnam Veterans Memorial

View Events at Texas Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Mattress Firm Stage on the Esplanade

View Events at Mattress Firm Stage on the Esplanade

African American Museum

View Events at African American Museum

Amphitheatre on 1st & Grand

View Events at Amphitheatre on 1st & Grand

Creative Arts Building

View Events at Creative Arts Building

Livestock Birthing Barn

View Events at Livestock Birthing Barn

Brisco Carpenter Livestock Center

View Events at Brisco Carpenter Livestock Center

State Fair Wine Garden

View Events at State Fair Wine Garden

Livestock Judging Pavilion

View Events at Livestock Judging Pavilion

First Ave. & MLK Blvd.

View Events at First Ave. & MLK Blvd.

United Ag & Turf Plaza

View Events at United Ag & Turf Plaza

Creative Arts Competition Kitchen

View Events at Creative Arts Competition Kitchen

Celebrity Chef Kitchen

View Events at Celebrity Chef Kitchen

Texas Discovery Gardens

View Events at Texas Discovery Gardens

Round Up Cafe #2 (Coliseum)

Cattle Barn

Old Mill Inn

Auto Grill (Automobile Bldg)

Old Mill Inn Patio

Lonestar Roadhouse (Centennial Bldg)

Grand Place

In Creative Arts Area

Pan Am Arena Hallway Stand

Pan Am Arena Concessions

Villa's Mexican Village #1

La-Kam Bar & Grill

Newports #10

Sutter's Taffy #1

Trio On The Green

Pearlie's Southern Kitchen

Granny's Funnel Cake


Who Dat Daiquiri

Hans Mueller #2


Bert's #1

Fletcher's #2

Smokey John's BBQ #1

Ms. Ruth's

Jack's Mexican Foods

Williams Chicken

Texas Burgers, Dogs & More

Benz Foods

Shrimp Doc

Lerma's Gorditas

Jack Frys TOO!

Corn Stand


Turkey Legs by Dickel

Pizza & Nachos

Catfish Floyd #1

Bull Alley

Magnolia Beer Garden

Beer Haven

Magnolia Smokehouse

Texas Smokehouse

Funnel Cakes & Turkey Legs

Sutter's Taffy #2

Newports #3

Funway Char

Texas Skillet

Newports #4

Newports #9


Wacky Shack


Brain Freeze

Cotton Candy #1

Chef Cassy

La-Kam Bar & Grill

Katies Cafe

Tornado Taters #1

Icehouse on the Midway

Newports #5

Funnel Cakes #1

Dippin Dots #1

Smokey John's BBQ #2

Cotton Candy #2

Newports #6

Fletcher's #6

Funway Apple

Slush Factory

Guacamole Paradise

Texas Steak Out

Gourmet Funnel Cakes


Cotton Candy #3

Stiffler's Sweet Spot #2

The Chicken Hut

Newports #7

Fletcher's #5

Cotton Candy #4

The Funnel Cake Factory

Bert's #2

Auto Apple

Newports #8

Rootbeer & Pineapple Whip #1

Mi Casita

Auto Char

Crazy Otto's

Bert's #3

Grande Fiesta Patio

La Huasteca Restaurant

Sutter's Taffy #3

Bert's #4

Belgian Waffles #1

Iced Tea

Centennial Char

Centennial Lemonade

Round Up Cafe #1 (Coliseum)

Cotton Candy #5

Ranchero Fajitas #1

Jack's Diner #1

A Taste of New Orleans #1

Jack's Diner #2

Bud World

Juicy's Outlaw Grill #1

Fletcher's #3

Cotton Candy #6

Eat Crispies

Newports #1

Newports #2

Catfish Floyd #2

Yumi Ice Cream #2

Darn Good Corn #1

Midway Char

Lupita's Gorditas

Rootbeer & Pineapple Whip #2

Bert's #5

Fernie's Skyway Porch

Doc's Street Grill

Bert's #6

Funnel Cakes #2

Juicy's Outlaw Grill #2

Pizza & Funnel Cakes

Sutter's Taffy #4

Cotton Candy #7

Ice Cream Nutty Bar

Ms. Ruth's

Dippin Dots #2

Funnel Cakes #3

Yumi Ice Cream #1

Carousel Concessions #1

Farm Pac

Velasquez Concessions

Johnson Food Court

Cotton Candy #8

Cajun Swamp Treats

MLK Apple

Wok-Rice and Roll

The Dock

La Cantina


Sweet Connie's Candy Apple

Sweet Connie's Corn Dogs

Ranchero Fajitas #2

Smokey John's BBQ #3

Mac Loaded

The Lone Star Lounge

Lone Star Pizza


Pioneer Kettle Corn

Fletcher's #4

Bert's #7

Tornado Tators #2

Gate 7 Hamburgers


Texas Ice House (Patio)

Texas Ice House (Bar)

Hans Mueller #1

Corner Nacho

Corner Ice Cream

Corner Hamburger

Sweet Connie's Corn & Lemonade

Stiffler's Sweet Spot #1

Wine Country Bistro/TX Wine County Pizzeria

Wine Garden Bistro

Wine County Steakhouse

Texas Craft Beers

Local Craft Beers

Little Bob's BBQ #1

Pizza & Burgers

Smokey John's BBQ #4

A Taste of New Orleans #2


Highland Park Soda Fountain


Little Bob's BBQ #2

Stuffed Wings

Chili Parlor

Pedro's Tamales

Hast Texas Nachos

La-Kam's Burgers

Funnel Cake Fingers

Stubby's Cinnamon Rolls



Texas Big Dawg

Scrumbscious Pieshakes

B.W.'s Famous Fried Ribs

Oak Farms Dairy

Bailey's Deli & Catering

Funnel Cakes #4

Golden Tenders

Pizza by the Slice

Belgian Waffles #2

Tony's Taco Shop

It's All Greek To Me

Carousel Concessions #2

Calypso Island Shrimp Bowl

FlaMango Tango

FlaMango Tango

Peanut Butter Cup Snookie

Stuffed Fried Taco Cone

Stuffed Fried Taco Cone

Texas Cream Corn Casserole Fritters

Texas Cream Corn Casserole Fritters

Deep Fried Bayou Fruit Bites

Deep Fried Bayou Fruit Bites

Southern Fried Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo Ball

Fernie's Fried Burnt End Burrito

Fernie's Fried Burnt End Burrito

Big Red Chicken Bread

Big Red Chicken Bread

Quick Fried "Black Gold" Truffles

Cajun Crab Bombs

Deep Fried Chicken Cordon Bleu Stuffed Waffles

Champagne Jello Hot Shot

The "Ain't No Lie It's Fried" Steak

Fry Rub & Rye

Fry Rub & Rye

Errol McKoy Greenhouse

View Events at Errol McKoy Greenhouse

Near the Band Shell and Lagoon

Good Ole Creole

Good Ole Creole

Chicks in a Cone

PB & J Bacon Pickle Dog

PB & J Bacon Pickle Dog

Loaded Baked Potato Funnel Cake

Deep Fried Energy Bites

Fried Southern Bourbon Bread Pudding

Coliseum Concessions

Howdy Homemade

Children’s Aquarium

View Events at Children’s Aquarium

ATM #1

ATM #2

ATM #3

ATM #4

ATM #5

ATM #6

ATM #7

Quick Fried "Black Gold" Truffles

Quick Fried "Black Gold" Truffles

Deep Fried Nutella Custard Stuffed French Toast

Loaded Baked Potato Funnel Cake

Deep Fried Potato Salad


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