New Foods for 2016

Fair food doesn’t stop at the Big Tex Choice Awards.

Concessionaires spend the entire off season concocting new foods to showcase at the State Fair, and this year doesn’t disappoint. Check out some of this year’s featured new foods.

For a complete list of new food and their locations, visit an information booth while on the Fairgrounds.


Bacon Cream Corn

Savory bacon and sweet whole-kernel corn is combined with a buttery rich cream sauce. Premium seasonings and parmesan cheese give this dish a wonderful aroma and a taste that is especially delicious.

Located at Bailey’s Deli in the Tower Building


Barnyard Burger

An old-fashioned juicy cheeseburger joined with with crispy fried chicken and 2 strips of pepper bacon with lettuce, tomato and pickles – all on a buttery bun.

Located at Nevin’s at Nimitz Circle


Blackened Shrimp Baked Potato

Seasoned and blackened shrimp with a hint of spice nestled inside of a hot baked potato. Topped with cheese and a sprinkle of parsley then drizzled with butter on top.

Located at Shrimp Doc at Cotton Bowl Plaza


Chocolate Tease Wine Cooler

A chocolate and wine concoction, served as a slush drink and topped with an indulgent chocolate drizzle.

Located at all Newport stands across the Fairgrounds


Crunchy Fried Oinkers

A fresh slider roll filled with a tender Texas pulled pork and a sweet chili pepper bar-b-que sauce. The meat is topped with slices of dill pickles before the slider is egg battered and deep fried to golden perfection. Served with a broccoli slaw tossed in a tangy vinaigrette.

Located at Ranchero Fajitas on Nimitz Circle, in the Tower Building and Lone Star Blvd.


Dallas’ Fried Bacon-Tilla

Bacon slices are hand woven in the shape of a tortilla and fried into taco shell form, filled with beef, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and then more bacon. Bacon lovers, this is for you!

Located at Benavides in the Tower Building


Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Tot Dog

A deep fried hot dog wrapped in bacon and topped with fried tater tots, chili, cheese and jalapeno ranch. Each order is served hot-dog style on a bun.

Located at the Old Mill Inn & Baconnation in the Tower Building


Deep Fried Cannoli Bites

This modern twist on the cream-filled Italian classic dessert begins with hot pastry and explodes into a warm sweet-cream center, sprinkled with rich mini-chocolate chips. The Cannoli Bites finish with a zesty hint of citrus and orange. Lightly dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled with dark and white chocolate.

Located at the Magnolia Beer Garden & Magnolia Smokehouse


Deep Fried Clam Chowda 

Fried clam chowder bites breaded in Panko Bread crumbs and placed on top a bed of fried clams. Each order is served with a Sriracha Ranch dipping sauce.

Located at Guacamole Paradise at the Midway, Texas Ice House & Texas Burgers, Dogs & More at Cotton Bowl Plaza


Deep Fried Smoked Salmon & Bacon Croquettes

Deep fried  crispy croquettes are stuffed with salmon and bacon then topped with a delicious remoulade sauce. Each order is served with a side of Cajun fries.

Located at La-Kam’s Bar & Grill near the Coliseum, in the Tower Building and at the Funway


Doritos® Bacon Mozzarella Cheese Stick

Fresh-cut thick mozzarella, covered with bacon then dipped in a Dorito batter & fried. Served with a special marinara & ranch sauce.

Located at Benavides Nachos on the Midway and in the Tower Building


Dr Pepper Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Inspired by some of Howdy Homemade’s favorite things, they are excited to introduce the first-ever Dr Pepper Chocolate Chip Ice Cream at the great State Fair of Texas. A super-premium ice cream loaded with Dr Pepper flavor and mini chocolate chips.

Located at Howdy Homemade in the Creative Arts Building


Fried Cajun Crisp

This shrimp flavored chip treat is deep fried into perfectly crispy puffs and then sprinkled right out of the fryer with a special cajun seasoning  for maximum flavor.

Located at Stuffed Wings in the Tower Building


Loaded Bacon Mashed Potato Egg Roll – Old Mill Inn

An Egg Roll stuffed with mashed potatoes loaded with bacon & grated cheddar cheese.  Garnished with bacon bits, each order is served with a dollop of sour cream and sliced jalapenos.


Lollipop Fried Bacon Wrapped Smoked Quail Breast on a Stick

Quail breast with a small sliver of unseeded jalapeno pepper wrapped in bacon, deep fried, served on a skewer with a cherry tomato on the end. Each order comes with three skewers and a side of ranch dressing.

Located at Dickle’s Texas Smokehouse at First Avenue and Cotton Bowl Plaza


Mama’s Garlic Fries

Shoestring fries are deep fried until perfectly golden and crispy then tossed in a seasoned garlic butter sauce. A delicious spin on your mama’s traditional fries.

Located at Stuffed Wings in the Tower Building


Pecan Pie Poppers

Brown sugar mini-muffins are oven baked until golden brown, topped with a hefty dollop of rich whipped cream and then sprinkled with chopped pecans. This luscious treat combines a mouth-watering muffin with your aunt’s award-winning pecan pie, all rolled into a one-of-a-kind taste explosion!

Located at Chef Cassy’s at the Midway


Piña-A lot-Tas

Juicy slices of fresh pineapples are soaked in a sweet rum before being dipped in a blend of panko and coconut flakes. The slices are then artfully deep fried, topped with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry then drizzled with a cherry syrup. This fun spin on the pina colada will take your taste buds on a tropical holiday and leave them watering for more.

Located at Ranchero Fajitas on Nimitz Circle, in the Tower Building and Lone Star Blvd.



Shrimp Fritters 

Corn, carrots, peas, and shrimp are mixed with flour and pepper, shaped to shrimp fritters form and deep fried to a golden brown.  Served on a bed of seasonal fries with black pepper & vinegar sauce.

Located at La-Kam’s Bar & Grill near the Coliseum, in the Tower Building and at the Funway


State Fair Edible Cola

A healthier and delicious soft drink with cotton candy & candy apple flavors. These organically sweetened sodas are sure to please as they are served in flavored edible cups. For the first time ever at a State Fair, a disposable cup that you can actually eat instead of throwing it away!

Located at Trio on the Green & Fair Faves near Chevrolet Park Plaza

Other New Foods

Deep Fried Nachos

A cheesy masa filled with a generous portion of pepper jack cheese in the middle. The masa is formed by mixing crushed Doritos, nacho tortilla chips, and a spicy nacho cheese to bring it all together. Rolled into a ball & deep fried to a beautiful golden orange color & covered with nacho cheese and sliced jalapenos.

Located at the Funway

Duel Lamb Chop Pop with Twice Baked Potato Fries

Australian Rack of Lamb – cooked “Sous Vide” (a technique in which vacuum-sealed food is immersed in a water bath and cooked at a very precise, consistent temperature), then seared to a juicy tender finish, served with a side of twice baked potato fries and green mint jelly.

Located at Belgian Waffle in the Tower Building and at Lone Star Blvd

Fried Prime Rib Quesadill”O”

This Texas-style Quesadilla is made of herbs that have been spurred into Prime Rib, deep fried crisp and tender, add Monterey jack cheese, then we “Brand It” with an Armadillo shaped Texas Branding Iron. Y’all get a sidekick of Mesquite Smoked Tomato Sauce with just enough Carolina Reaper Pepper to give ‘er a Getty-up! Yee-haw! Come and Get it!

Located at Barrera’s on the Midway

Turkey Leg Tacos

A Texas-Sized turkey leg is shredded and placed on three small tortillas. Topped with traditional taco toppings, these turkey leg tacos blend two tasty classics into one Fair original!

Located at Juicy’s near the Midway Arch and on the Midway