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September 28, 2018 – October 21, 2018

7 Reasons to Plan an Office Day at the State Fair of Texas

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Picture this: it’s mid-October at the office, it’s been a long couple of days or maybe you’ve added a few new folks to the team and are everyone really needs an office outing. The State Fair of Texas has you covered! Join us at the Fair for the ultimate office day spent on the fairgrounds. Need a little more convincing? Here are the top 7 reasons why groups have fun at the Fair and don’t forget to check out our cost saving Group packages.

  1. It is one of the ONLY times when your entire office can get away with wearing ‘corny’ matching t-shirts. ADDED BONUS:  it is a great way to advertise your company.
  2. Funnel cake + eating contest + against your co-workers… enough said. Nothing brings a team together like competing against each other while eating Fair food.
  3. The Fair is the only place you can take a group photo and have Big Tex photobomb in the background. ADDED BONUS: the photo makes a great holiday company card.
  4. The Fair gives you a 277-acre scavenger hunt. It is team building at its finest.  Sending your employees on a scavenger hunt through the Creative Arts Building, the Texas Auto Show, Livestock barns, and the Midway not only burns calories from all the Fair food, but it’s a fun, competitive event for your staff.
  5. Attending the Fair helps contribute to scholarships for students throughout the state of Texas. A portion of the proceeds from the Fair funds 200+ college scholarships for students from around the state.  Fun for your employees provides students with money for college – WIN, WIN.
  6. Everything you need for fun is delivered directly to your office. The Fair offers a variety of group packages that include admission tickets, Food and Ride Coupons, and Midway game cards. Everything your staff needs to have a memorable day will be in your hands before you even arrive at the Fair.
  7. Imagine – You vs. your boss at ring toss. There are only a few occasions where beating the boss at a game of skill is perfectly acceptable. The Fair is one of those occasions – take advantage.

As employees of the State Fair of Texas, we hope that your company enjoys the Fair as must as we do. It truly is the best 24 days of the year. Click here to learn more information about Group packages and discount tickets.

Mission Statement

The State Fair of Texas celebrates all things Texan by promoting agriculture, education, and community involvement through quality entertainment in a family-friendly environment.

The State Fair of Texas is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Mailing Address

P.O. Box 150009
Dallas, TX 75315



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