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September 28, 2018 – October 21, 2018

10 Big Tex Instagram Posts We Love From 2017

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One of our favorite things about the State Fair of Texas is watching all of you enjoy the Fair just as much as we enjoy putting it together every year. In the age of social media, we have a brand new window to view fairgoers capturing their favorite State Fair of Texas moments. We love seeing your Facebook posts, reading tweets, and browsing through the snapshots that fairgoers share on Instagram – it inspires us to continue creating a bigger and better Fair each year.

This year, we noticed that the attraction our fairgoers loved posting about the most was by far the one and only Big Tex. We don’t blame you – we love the big guy as much as you do. We were so impressed by the number of creative photos with Big Tex posted on Instagram that we decided to go through and select a few of our favorites to share here.

Photo by @monsmhile

We noticed a trend this year: fairgoers posing creatively with Big Tex. We totally understand why @monsmhile posted this photo – Big Tex does have an iconic stance.

Photo by @connectersandcreators

It’s all so wonderfully meta with this picture within a picture. Here’s to hoping that @connectersandcreators take a similar photo next year!


Photo by @allisonsheffield

There’s nothing like snapping a photo of a big, blue, beautiful Texas sky but when you manage to capture it AND Big Tex in the same frame then you’ve struck photographic gold!

Photo by @joannac317

A photo with Big Tex is a rite of passage for any proud fairgoer. Hopefully, this is the first of many more yearly photos with Big Tex for this little guy.

Photo by @mulveyphoto

Sometimes, it’s not about what you see but what you don’t see. We only see Big Tex’s silhouette in this photo, but it’s an artistic choice that allows for his character to shine through. We also dig the use of space in @mulveyphoto’s pic.

Photo by @shelbydiamondstar

While we might not know the specific techniques used to create this atmospheric photo, we certainly appreciate this unique take on a “nighttime” pic of Big Tex. The Texas sky never looked more majestic, and Big Tex is finally going cosmic.

Photo by @ugoboy1965

Just when we think we’ve seen every possible photographic angle of Big Tex, a cool photo like this one from @ugoboy1965 shows up on our Instagram feed. We love the imagination that went into creating this photo.

Photo by @theasellars

Neon Big Tex is the focal point of this photo, but look closely and you’ll see that Big Tex makes an appearance in the background. The angle of this photo is brilliant – it appears that Neon Big Tex is mirroring Big Tex’s stance.

Photo by @fouryoungandwild

Taking a family selfie with Big Tex is a tradition and when done right, it can be a spectacular feat. The family in this photo managed to pull off an epic family selfie with Big Tex this year, complete with smiles on everyone!

Photo by @joshdeluna

Every year the sun sets on another State Fair of Texas season, and we must say goodbye to our dear friend, Big Tex. This beautiful sunset photo, featuring the big guy himself, felt like an appropriate photo to end with.

Of course, the Big Tex photo frenzy doesn’t stop there. There were many more photos of Big Tex that we loved and encourage you to check out on our Facebook and Instagram Page. If you didn’t get a chance to post your photo during the Fair, post it on your page or feed at any time and use #BigTex. See ya at the 2018 State Fair of Texas!

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