Thrifty Thursdays

Food Discounts on Thrifty Thursdays

Thrifty Thursdays are back! Special food pricing is available every Thursday of the State Fair of Texas – October 5, 12, & 19, 2017. Featured items include State Fair classics like corny dogs, cotton candy, funnel cakes and participating food vendors also offer one of their signature menu items, ranging from mini versions to regular-size items. This is perfect for the foodie enthusiast, thrifty families or any fairgoer who loves State Fair of Texas food.

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Find Your Thrifty Thursdays Favorites Below

Map LocationMap CodeFoodCouponsLocation
Throughout the Groundsn/aCotton Candy Cone6Cotton Candy Stands
Dippin' Dots Kiddie Cup6Dippin' Dots Stands
Fried Mexican Fire Crackers (2)6Bert's Stands
Nachos with Cheese8Newport Stands
Turkey Dog6Fletcher's Corny Dogs

Map LocationMap CodeFoodCouponsLocation
Automobile BuildingABNathan's Hot Dog6Auto Grill

Map LocationMap Code FoodCouponsLocation
Big Tex® CircleBTC1/2 Fried Corn on the Cob12Johnson's Fried Food
Cup of Cream Corn Queso w/ Chips4The Skyway Porch
Mini Buffalo Chicken in a Flapjack6The Chicken Hut
Value Hot Dog2Old Mill Inn Patio

Map LocationMap Code FoodCouponsLocation
Centennial BuildingCENFried Thanksgiving Dinner (1)7Lonestar Roadhouse

Map LocationMap Code FoodCouponsLocation
Coliseum AreaC1/2 Krispy Kreme Donut Burger9Rico's
Beef Nachos8Villa's Mexican Village
Full Size Funnel Cake8La-Kam Bar & Grill
Mini Funnel Cake7Granny's Funnel Cake
Pimento Cheese Tator Tots (8 oz)6Trio on The Green
Small Walking Taco8Darn Good Corn

Map LocationMap CodeFoodCouponsLocation
Coliseum TerraceCTTwo 10" Pancakes w/ Bacon8Jack's Breakfast

Map LocationMap CodeFoodCouponsLocation
Cotton Bowl PlazaCBPBacon Cheddar Ranch Fries (Small)6Gulf Coast Grill
Bean Chalupas (2)6Jack's Mexican Food
Chopped Brisket Sandwich (Small)8Smoky John's
French Fries (Small)6Jack's French Frys
Fruit Cup (9 oz)8Lerma's Gorditas
Half-Size Nachos w/ Chili & Cheese5Pizza & Nachos
Mini Dorito or Fritos® Pie8Ruth's Tamale House
Mini Texas Fried Corn on the Cob6Texas Burger, Dogs & More
Regular Foot-Long Hot Dog7Jack's French Frys
Sausage on a Stick (10")8Hans Mueller
Two Scoops of Ice Cream4Jack's Frys Too!

Map LocationMap CodeFoodCouponsLocation
Front Gate AreaFGMini Funnel Cake (6")6Homestyle Products

Map LocationMap CodeFoodCouponsLocation
Fun WayFWChocolate Chip Cookies (3)4Stiffler's
Cowby Nachos8Texas Skillet
Deep Fried Nutter Butters® (2)4Barrera's
Deep Fried Reese's® w/ Ice Cream8Smoky John's
French Fries w/ Choice of Toppings6Funnel Cakes
Fried Oreos® (2)6Stiffler's
Fried Twinkie® (1)6Katies Café
Mini Buffalo Chicken in a Flapjack6Yardbird's
Mini Tater Twister6Texas Steak Out
Tornado Taters (1/2 Order7Tornado Taters
Wings & Fries (1/2 Order)8La-Kam International

Map LocationMap CodeFoodCouponsLocation
Grand AreaGFried Jambalaya Balls (2-2 oz.7A Taste of New Orleans
Mini Funnel Cake6The Funnel Cake Factory
Small Bacon Cheddar Ranch Fries6Crazy Otto's

Map LocationMap CodeFoodCouponsLocation
Lone Star BoulevardLSBBurrito (Small)6Mi Casita
Fritos® Bowl w/ Pulled Pork8Ranchero Fajitas
Fruit Cup8La Huasteca
Root Beer (12 oz)2Rootbeer & Pineapple Whip
Strawberry Waffle Ball (1)5Belgian Waffles

Map LocationMap CodeFoodCouponsLocation
MLK BoulevardMLKFritos® Pie Bowl (10 oz.)12Johnson's Fried Food
Mini funnel cake8Pizza & Funnel Cakes

Map LocationMap CodeFoodCouponsLocation
Chevrolet Main Stage AreaCMSBuffalo Wings (3)8Texas Ice House
Sausage on a Stick (10")8Hans Mueller

Map LocationMap CodeFoodCouponsLocation
MidwayMWFried Chicken Skin (1/2 Order)6Eat Crispies
Root Beer (12 oz.)2Rootbeer & Pineapple Whip

Map LocationMap CodeFoodCouponsLocation
Nimitz Circle Area #1N1Chicken Fajita Taco (1)7Ranchero Fajitas
Chicken Tenders (2)8Villa's Seafood Village
Deep Fried Reese's w/ Ice Cream8Smoky John's
Fried Oreos® (2)6Stiffler's
Mini Frito's® Pie4La Cantina
Mini Pimento Cheese w/ Crackers4The Lone Star Lounge
Slice Cheese Pizza (1)6Lonestar Pizza
Taco Salad (Small)6The Dock

Map LocationMap CodeFoodCouponsLocation
Nimitz Circle Area #2N2Ice Cream Cone (Single Dip6Gate 7 Hamburgers
Ice Cream Cone or Cup (1 Scoop)6Nevin's
Mini Doritos® or Fritos® Pie8Ruth's Tamale House
Sausage on a Stick (10")8Farm Pac
Sausage on a Stick (10")8Yoakum
Slider with Fries (1)8Wingfield's
Tornado Taters (1/2 Order7Tornado Taters

Map LocationMap CodeFoodCouponsLocation
Pike DrivePFunnel Cake Fingers (3)8Pizza & Burgers

Map LocationMap CodeFoodCouponsLocation
Tower BuildingTBBeef Nachos8Villa's Mexican Village
Caramel Apple5Funnel Cakes
Chicken Tenders (2) and Roll8Golden Chick
Chili Mac & Cheese (6 oz)7Texas Chili Parlor
Chopped Brisket Sandwich (1)8Smoky John's
Fired Jambalaya Balls (2-2 oz.)7A Taste of New Orleans
Fried Banana Pudding7B.W.'s Famous Fried Ribs
Fried Brownies (2)7Ranchero
Fried Chicken Dumplings (4)6Sakhuu Enterprises
Fried Pickles7B.W.'s Famous Fried Ribs
Fruit Cup8Fruteria
Giant Slice of Pizza (1/2)8Pizza by the Slice
Hot Dog w/ Chili (6")8Texas Big Dawg
Meatballs w/ Marinara (3)7Bailey's Deli & Catering
Mini Funnel Cake6Funnel Cake Fingers
Potato Boat8It's All Greek to Me
Strawberry Waffle Ball (1)5Belgian Waffles

Map LocationMap CodeFoodCouponsLocation
Texas Wine GardenWGGiant Slice of Three Cheese Pizza8State Fair of Texas Wine Garden