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September 25 – October 18, 2020
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Arts & Crafts Mail-In Registration and Mail-In Entries Deadline

  • This event has passed.

Following registration, exhibitors may submit their entry item(s) by mail or choose to hand-deliver them to the Creative Arts building. Ribbon-winning entries will be displayed throughout the Fair and will be returned by mail or available for pick-up according to the way it was submitted.

Mail-in Submissions – If mailing entry item(s) for submission, all entries must arrive by the deadline given for registration – Friday, July 19, 2019 – and must also include:

  • A copy of your entry registration form.
  • Return postage either in the form of prepaid postage, stamps, check, or money order. *Not applicable to photograph entries, which do not require postage.

IF MAILING VIA UPS OR FEDEX, use the Creative Arts building’s physical address: 1327 Admiral Nimitz Circle, Fair Park, Dallas, TX 75210

IF MAILING VIA U.S. POSTAL SERVICE, use the Fair’s P.O. Box: State Fair of Texas Creative Arts Department, P.O. Box 150009, Dallas, TX 75315

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