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September 27 – October 20, 2019

5 Livestock Competitions You Don’t Want to Miss!

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The Livestock Barns are filled with a variety of animals throughout the 24 days of the Fair.  We encourage all visitors at the Fair to make time in their trip to either take a walk through the barns or cheer on exhibitors as they show their projects in the Judging Pavilion. But there are a few competitions on the Livestock schedule that are truly unique or just a lot of fun.

#5 – Mini Zebu Costume Contest. (October 6)

Yes, that is correct.  There is a competition where costumed exhibitors and Mini Zebus take to the Judging Pavilion to see who will take the prize. NOTE – Mini Zebus are adorable.  Think very small Brahman cattle.

#4 – National 4-H Food Challenge (October 3)

Competitors from across the U.S. will compete for honors in the National 4-H Food Challenge.  After qualifying at the regional and state levels, 4-H members slice and dice their way through a variety of challenges in the Briscoe Carpenter Livestock Center.

#3 – Haltered Longhorn Shows (October 7 and 8)

Part of the Pan Am Shows (which means there are competitors of all ages and the animals are not part of the SFT Auction,) the Haltered Longhorn show lets you see these amazing animals up close. It is also fascinating to see them in the barns.

#2 – Ag Mechanics and Tractor Restoration Competition (October 17)

Be sure to visit the Judging Pavilion and see all the amazing restoration projects that 4-H and FFA students enter into the competition. There are some truly impressive entries that showcase ag-mechanics and the talents of the students.

#1 – Rooster Crowing Contest (October 22)

On the last day of the Fair hundreds of people will be huddled into the Poultry Building to see who will get the Blue Ribbon and be crowned champion of the Rooster Crowing Contest. Many will crow, but only one will prevail!

The Poultry Building is across from Creative Arts and the entrance is near the Wine Garden.  NOTE – the Poultry Show runs both October 21 and 22. The whole family will find it interesting to see all the different variety of chickens, ducks and turkeys.

*** BONUS – Pan Am Llama Show (September 29 and 30)

What else do we have to say, there are Llamas!!

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