2007 Big Tex Choice Awards

Seven food finalists went head to head in the 2007 Big Tex Choice Awards. 

Two fried delicacies, one has the flavor of a homemade cookie, the other a barista’s dream, were chosen for top honors.

Best Taste: Texas Fried Cookie Dough

Most Creative: Fried Banana Split

2007 Big Texas Choice Awards descriptions

Texas Fried Cookie Dough – Fresh cookie dough, made from scratch with pecans, chocolate chips and coconut, lightly battered and deep fried. Dough comes out the fryer warm and gooey, just like oven baked! Topped with chocolate syrup or whipped cream.

Deep Fried Latte – A delicately fried, light puff pastry, with a hint of coffee, is topped with cappuccino ice cream, sweet syrup, whipped cream and instant coffee sprinkles.

Fernie’s Fried Chili Frito Burrito – A flour tortilla, dipped in chicken broth for extra flavor, is loaded up with a heaping spoonful of spicy Texas chili & smashed Chili Cheese Frito’s and deep fried until golden. Served hot & spicy with a choice of toppings.

B.W.’s Original Fried Banana Pudding — Chilled, specially-made banana pudding is ladled into a grilled tortilla and fried to a crisp golden brown. It’s dusted with powdered sugar while warm, then surrounded by a cloud of whipped topping.

Zesty Fried Guacamole Bites – Creamy avocado mixed with cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses and salsa is dipped in a zesty batter and fried to perfection. Served with ranch dressings or salsa.

Country Fried Peach Cobbler-on-a-Stick — Made-from-scratch peach cobbler is cooked thick with dumplings, rolled into a thin pastry dough and quick fried to a golden brown. It’s topped off with brown sugar, cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg.

Mama’s Fried Sweet Potato Pie – A generous portion of third-generation-recipe sweet potato pie filling is spread on a soft flour tortilla and lightly fried to a crisp. Served plain or with a light sprinkle of cinnamon and powdered sugar.

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