Concessionaire Cohort for Fairs, Festivals and Expositions (CFFE)


a dynamic education series for entrepreneurs

Fairs, Festivals, and Expos are a significant contributor to the hospitality and tourism industry. According to the International Association of Fairs and Expositions, “…over 3,200 fairs are held in North America each year. They provide industrial exhibits, demonstrations, and competition aimed at the advancement of livestock, horticulture, and agriculture with special emphasis placed on educational activities such as 4-H, FFA and similar youth development programs. While enjoying these high-minded pursuits, fair visitors are also able to see, hear, touch, smell and taste the richness and variety of what the world has to offer.”

For many small business owners in the Southern Sector, this can be a great opportunity to generate revenue. The Concessionaire Cohort for Fairs, Festivals, and Expositions (CFFE) program is a dynamic education series for entrepreneurs produced by the State Fair of Texas, the Small Business Development Center, the RedBird Entrepreneur Center, Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce and the City of Dallas/Office of Economic Development. The goal of CFFE is to assist existing businesses in preparing their products for inclusion into festivals and fairs in the region. This five-month cohort comprised of 7-10 businesses will have both classroom, mentoring, and hands-on opportunities for growth and exposure to the industry.


Meet Our 2019 CFFE Graduates!

Back East Eats
Angelo Sicurella

Brunchaholics, LLC
Jessie Washington

Chick’n Tornado
Carole Zeineddine

Di-Licious Candied Pickles Factory, LLC
Heather Perkins

Kawanna’s Kitchen Concessions & Catering
Kavanna Robinson

Kismet Cuisine – Funnel Cakes & More
Robin Douglas

Midnight Kreations/Lemonade Factory
Diane Johnson/Kendra Johnson

Pretty Sweets
Alisa Norris

Tony’s Taco Shop
Anthony Bednar

Our CFFE graduates Shine Bright

In 2019, our Concessionaire Cohort for Fairs, Festivals and Expositions graduate Kerston Crawford Thorns was featured on the Kelly Clarkson show! Click the button below to watch a clip from the episode.