Farm Day at the Fair

The State Fair of Texas and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service welcomes you to Farm Day at the Fair, a great educational program focusing on agriculture for youth. This TEKS-aligned adventure provides distinct hands-on learning experiences. The mission of Farm Day at the Fair is to raise awareness among third through sixth grade students by offering real-life learning opportunities and showing the important connection agriculture has on everyone’s daily life.

Farm Day at the Fair Fun

Milking Parlor: Students will have the opportunity to learn about the benefits of including dairy in a well-balanced diet.

Big Tex’s Farmyard: Students will take a guided stroll through Big Tex’s Farmyard, featuring live animals and the role they play in feeding and clothing the world.

Crop Up: Students will learn how agriculture impacts our daily life through the food we eat and its connection to our health.

Into the Forest: Students will experience one of the following presentations; a professional tree climber who will teach about the benefits we receive on a daily basis from the trees around us. Smokey Bear or wildlife firefighters to learn about wildfire prevention, as well as how these men and woman keep our lands safe.