Briscoe Carpenter Livestock Center

At last, a new home for a legacy as big as Texas.

The planned Briscoe Carpenter Livestock Center, a 55,000-square-foot facility that meets the growing needs of the State Fair’s agriculture and education programs, will greatly expand the scope of livestock and agriculture activities during the annual State Fair of Texas while attracting new shows, meetings and conventions to Fair Park throughout the year.

Livestock program is foundation of the State Fair.

Livestock shows and agriculture exhibits formed the basis for the first State Fair held in Dallas in 1886 and continue to be a premier attraction at the annual event.  The livestock program at the State Fair of Texas consists of the prestigious Pan American Livestock Exposition plus open and youth livestock shows. More than 12,700 exhibitors participate each fall.

One of the most important days on the State Fair calendar is the Youth Livestock Auction of Champions. Hardworking 4-H and FFA exhibitors who earn top honors in their classes are rewarded with the opportunity to sell their projects for premium prices at a live auction supported by local businesses and individuals who believe in these young Texans. Most recently, animals raised by students brought in more than $1.4 million, and the grand champion steer sold for a record-breaking $131,000.

In addition to the livestock shows and auction, fairgoers visit breed displays, the milking parlor, a hands-on barnyard and farm developed for young children, and more. There are multiple opportunities to learn about agriculture and its impact on the state of Texas as well as demonstrations by the Dallas Police Department, horse trainers, and livestock educators.


Briscoe Carpenter Livestock Center Renderings


New Briscoe Carpenter Livestock Center will expand State Fair education programs.

The two-story, multipurpose Briscoe Carpenter Livestock center, scheduled to open in 2017, will replace the inadequate and obsolete 1930s-era Sale Pavilion. The pressing need for a new structure was underscored in 2010 when the roof over the pavilion used for auction events and receptions partially collapsed after a heavy rain.

The 55,000-square-foot Briscoe Carpenter Livestock Center features modern facilities that will provide new impetus for the State Fair’s educational and scholarship programs.  Hardworking FFA and 4-H students will have more opportunities to learn about agriculture and develop leadership and communication skills.

Construction of the new Briscoe Carpenter Livestock Center will provide Fair Park with a new, better equipped facility to operate regional and national livestock and equine events, commercial auctions and trade shows. The center also increases the marketability of for the iconic Pan American Livestock Exposition.

Briscoe Carpenter Livestock Center Facts
  • The new Briscoe Carpenter Livestock Center replaces the 71-year-old Sale Pavilion, a deteriorating open-sided wooden structure with a dirt exercise arena, docks, pens, a paved open-span area and wash bay.
  • The new center’s first floor includes 11,000 square feet of open exhibit space, auction arena with theater-style seating, show ring, loading docks, sorting pens and modern washing areas.
  • The second floor features the Heritage Hall of Honor Museum and Library, gallery, cattlemen’s lounge, dining room, kitchen, ballroom and banquet hall with seating for 350, restrooms and State Fair livestock offices.
  • The new Briscoe Carpenter Livestock Center is expected to be completed in 2017.


We need your help.

The new Briscoe Carpenter Livestock Center is needed for safety and aesthetic reasons, but more importantly for the young Texans who exhibit the animals they have raised. They represent the future of agriculture in Texas, and offering them with encouragement, financial support and scholarships will reinforce their commitment to careers in the multifaceted industry that is agriculture.

For more information about the new Briscoe Carpenter center and to learn about support or naming opportunities, contact George Shafer at 972-735-9405.