Kids’ Boardwalk

Free and just for youngsters, the Kids’ Boardwalk is where the fun begins!

Buford Buzzard's calls the Kids' Boardwalk his new home.
Buford Buzzard entertains the crowd with his amusing antics

Located on the West side of the Leonhardt Lagoon, this colorful venue features a variety of kid-friendly shows, games and activities, all free with State Fair of Texas admission.

Returning acts on the Kids’ Boardwalk include the Ronald McDonald® Show and Buford Buzzard. In line with his wonderfully wacky personality, Ronald McDonald puts on a comical show the whole family can enjoy, filled with magic, juggling, jokes and music. A few lucky fans will be chosen from the audience and get the chance to join Ronald on stage as guest stars. A puppet with an attitude, Buford Buzzard adds a hint of satire to the mix, but his witty banter and smart remarks are all in good fun.

New additions for 2015 include an interactive magic show and a comical cowboy puppet, joining a list of activities that range from face painting to Big Tex temporary tattoos, along with various arts and crafts that allow kiddos to show off their creative skills.

The Kids’ Boardwalk is open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Presented by McDonald’s and Time Warner Cable.

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