All-New Mattress Firm Illumination Sensation


Lighting up the night, the ALL NEW Mattress Firm Illumination Sensation perfectly blends high energy pop music and sophisticated acrobat dancers with art and technology on Fair Park’s historical Esplanade.

Utilizing Fair Park’s fountain system, the Mattress Firm Illumination Sensation is known for its liquid fire, dancing waters and picturesque 700-foot-long reflecting pool. Nearly 300 water jets send bursts of water traveling into the air, while vibrant lights line the jets, pool and surrounding buildings, creating a breathtaking show.

This contemporary show includes a touch of traditional lighting as well as moving and LED light strips, water screen projections and pattern animations. Spinning fireworks, zipper runs and other pyrotechnic visual effects will wow audiences.

Get lost in the lights, soak in the color and enjoy the exciting science involved in creating a pyrotechnic show of this caliber. Don’t miss this dazzling display of color beginning nightly at 8 p.m.


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