State Fair of Texas – Hard Ticket Consignment Agreement

2017 Consignment Agreement - Hard Ticket

  • Please enter the total number of 2017 State Fair of Texas General Admission Tickets you request.

    Hard consignment tickets are priced at $13 each.

  • Select the number of tickets requested in increments of 50. For ticket quantities over 1,000, we will contact you directly for specific amount.
  • Please provide any special provisions you might have for this hard ticket consignment order.
  • Consignee accepts full responsibility for tickets consigned and agrees to pay State Fair of Texas for all unreturned tickets regardless of the reason for the failure to return.

    1. All unused or unsold tickets must be returned via Federal Express pick-up paid by the State Fair of Texas.
    2. Consignee is hereby appointed solely for the purpose of ticket sales and shall have no power or authority to act for State Fair of Texas in any manner or capacity other than in the sale of tickets subject to the terms and conditions printed on said tickets. Delinquent payment shall subject the Consignee to such penalties, damages and cost as permitted by law for collection of such delinquent funds.
    3. Consignee shall remit on or before November 5 of the current year, payment for all unreturned State Fair of Texas tickets. This payment is to be made in the form of one (1) check payable to State Fair of Texas, P.O. Box 150009, Dallas, TX 75315.
    4. Consignee agrees to support the program by distributing and posting free sales material supplied by State Fair of Texas.
    5. Name and Title of person responsible for handling the consignment program must be listed below
    6. Any person or persons desiring a refund on consigned tickets must obtain said refund from Consignee.
    7. Consignee agrees that in the selling and distribution of State Fair of Texas tickets, Consignee will not discriminate against any customer or patron, on the basis of race, sex, color, age, disability, religion, national or ethnic origin, or veteran status.
    8. This agreement shall be construed under the laws of the State of Texas and exclusive venue shall be in Dallas County for any disputes arising therefrom.
  • Consignee’s agreement to all the foregoing terms and conditions is indicated by the electronic approval below. This agreement becomes effective only when received and approved by State Fair of Texas, whereupon it shall become a binding agreement between said parties in accordance with its terms and conditions.