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Spring Lawn Care in Texas


With temperatures on the rise, and the days slowly but surely getting longer, it is clear that spring is coming up quickly! We all know spring is an active time in the garden, but it is also an important time to give attention to our lawns. There are several tasks to perform this time of year to help our lawns ...

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Growing Roses in Texas


Roses, an iconic symbol of Valentine’s Day. You can hardly go anywhere this time of year without running into a stand that is selling bouquets of roses ready-made to brighten someone’s day! Roses are also a classic staple in landscaping and in the flower garden. Today, I’m going to tell you how to grow them in Texas and share some ...

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Fruit Trees in January


Here is a short, and dare I say sweet, blog post from our Errol McKoy Greenhouse Manager: January is a great time to plant fruit trees. The trees are dormant, which is good for planting, and the garden centers usually have their best selection of the year. Here are a few links to articles that I wrote throughout the past couple ...

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Black Eye Pea Recipes for New Year Luck


Howdy Everyone! From our State Fair of Texas family to yours, we hope y’all had a wonderful holiday! With the New Year right around the corner, our Errol McCoy Greenhouse on the Midway Manager, Drew Demler, has put together a few tips on growing black-eyed peas as well as two of his favorite recipes. Enjoy! Not only are black-eyed peas ...

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Christmas Cacti, Holidays Gifts And More!


The holidays are upon us once again. It is time to get ready for those big meals, Christmas lights, eggnog by the fireside and pecan pie! Two years ago I wrote an article about two of my favorite holiday traditions, Christmas trees and poinsettias. Since I have covered that already, I want to talk about other holiday décor items that ...

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In the Garden with Drew Demler: Changing Out Your Garden to Make it Ready for the Summer Heat


Knowing what to plant is as critical to gardening success in Texas as knowing when to plant it. Part of that process is knowing how to properly change your crops with each season. Right now, we are headed into our seemingly eternal summer. It’s about time to replace a few things as they finish their growing season and replant with ...

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Introducing Big Tex Urban Farms


You may have noticed something growing on our State Fair of Texas social media channels. Introducing “Big Tex® Urban Farm”, a sea of 100 raised garden beds that will produce fresh, organic produce in the heart of Fair Park. In alignment with the State Fair’s mission of promoting agriculture, education and community involvement, Big Tex Urban Farm serves as an ...

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Growing Tomatoes in Texas


Howdy, Folks! Who doesn’t love good home-grown tomatoes? Whether you use them to make salsa, tomato sauce, or just slice them up for a burger, home grown tomatoes are a real treat and are definitely the undisputed queen of the veggie garden. It may seem early, but the time to start thinking about growing tomatoes is now. One of the ...

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In the Garden with Drew – Growing Fruit in Containers


I have said many times that there are few gardening pleasures that can match the experience of eating home-grown fruit. Getting to eat fruit at the peak of ripeness is a true treat indeed. Fruit grown at home is so much sweeter and more flavorful than anything you can get at the grocery store. It is also super rewarding for ...

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North Texas Lawn & Garden: End of Summer


The State Fair of Texas’ Greenhouse Manager Drew Demler offers tips for your end-of-summer garden. Visit Drew at the Errol McKoy Greenhouse-on-the-Midway when on your trip to the State Fair, September 25 – October 18. The mercury steadily rises and the sun scorches everything in its path — our abundant spring rainfall is now a distant memory. End of summer ...

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